New Food Storage Containers for Organization

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Food Storage Containers 

We are well into January and I am itching to do something about my Food Storage containers. They are like socks in the dryer with mysterious parts that disappear. Tell me this happens to you too, I can’t be the only one.

I have the food storage container, but no matching lid or a lid but no matching container! Where do these missing parts go. Enough!

Out with the old and in with the new. I’m starting over from scratch with Pro Glass, a 24-piece set I found at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Pro Glass 24-Piece Food Storae Set at Bed Bath and Beyond

I love this Pro Glass Food Storage set for so many reasons.

  • Easy Snap Lids
  • Very durable glass containers are safe for oven.
  • The plastic lids and glass containers are safe for the microwave, freezing, and dishwasher.
  • The lids have a silicone seal that is removable for cleaning.
Toss out your old food storage containers and donate to Goodwill 2

It felt so good to get rid of my old mismatched food storage containers.

Pro Glass 24 piece set - Housekaboodle 2

I like the see-through glass that makes it easy to find food stored inside the refrigerator. The containers make a nice serving piece too. They are almost too pretty to put away.

Food Storage Organization Idea - Pro Glass 24 piece set - Housekaboodle

It’s amazing how much room my kitchen cabinet drawer has now. The uniformed storage pieces make for easy organization. I plan to get some of the larger pieces in this collection now that I have more space for storage.

Take a look at the set at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Update: This set is no longer available, here is a similar one at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Have the greatest day.

Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. Sue these look like awesome storage containers. When I can I would love to replace mine with these! They are just perfect!

  2. These look like really great containers to have on hand. I know we could benefit from them now too since we’re eating more at home and having leftovers.Good quality storage containers are well worth having on hand. Thank you for this suggestion.

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