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  1. It is so funny that my husband read this post and brought me some examples of things we can do.

  2. You’ve shown us some dreamy pantries Sue! I’m one that thinks a pantry can can never be too big :).


  3. I hope you are like me and have a spot to create a kitchen pantry someday too.

  4. OMG I would just flip out if I had some of these pantries. I love the walk-in pantry wowzers. This has to go on my wishlist and soon to become a reality! Love the inspiration, Sue!

  5. I am checking out IKEA closets now and keeping this idea as a possible solution! Great tip, thanks Ginger.

  6. Here’s to you and me Jenny that we get a pantry this year!

  7. Mine is super tiny and I would love to turn the laundry room off my kitchen that is also the entrance from the garage to the house into a pantry. Then move the laundry to our basement.

    I used my crock pot today. Love it when dinner is all taken care leaving some free time to do whatever I want to do.

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