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  1. I think your cottage should be nominated for a category and it would win!

  2. It is amazing how little space we really need to live.

    California beach cottages tend to be small because the property is so expensive. But, outdoor living is a big part of our life style and that makes the space not seem so small.

  3. The more the merrier so of course you are the most welcome to join us for tea or coffee. I am still thinking about the soft, rustic Adler wood cabinets in the kitchen.

  4. Lovely home, Sue. Sticker shock for sure but I can see why. The kitchen and bathrooms are stunning. It does look so much larger on the inside. Wow, dreamy. I’d love to live in this cottage. Can I join the tea party too?

  5. Oh you are too fun! I can tell we are kindred spirits. I like coffee with cream.

  6. Hi Sue, I just love the Carmel Story book House, too. Surprised at how rooms seem so large on inside. Touches of teal and the deck are perfect. If I had the money I’d be bidding against you! But love to have you over for tea/coffee ????

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