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  1. Thanks Michelle for visiting. I keep thinking about this, like you say, amazing house too. I wonder who will win it.

  2. Wow! I love every house they do but this one really is pretty. I love that front porch swing, I love the roof, I love the kitchen and I love that back patio area with the screen that can be up or down. So amazing!

  3. It’s so funny, but I thought about sitting too low on the ottoman too. I took a look at the photos again and the ottomans look to be the same exact height as the chairs, so we are safe. Thanks so much for mentioning the metal roofs as well. At first, I was mind-boggled by them and now I like them better than regular roofing, on some homes anyway.

  4. There’s so many cool features in this home, I can’t choose a favorite! I too love the dining room chairs and ottomans – however I would have to check the seat & table heights. I’m really short and many time if I sit in a banquette at a restaurant my chin is hitting the table – lol. It’s a major problem since I also can’t stand to be seated with my back to the room (a feng shui thing for me). We are starting to see more metal roofs here too – a good idea with all the wildfires happening. Thank you for the tour.

  5. I’m with you on that one! I can’t stand the heat but yes, would move too if we won lol.

  6. If I won the house, I would not hesitate to move my family there except I don’t thrive in hotter climates, but I would learn to deal with it.

  7. This house is really stunning. I love the decor too. The outdoor space is so unique and relaxing. I wish I would win! I think you have to enter a few times every day to even be in the running. Beautiful home, Sue. thanks for sharing.

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