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  1. Gosh yes me too. As you can tell, I like to blog about storybook and fairytale homes whenever I hear of them. I also am so intrigued by the shape of the roofs and material used to build these delightful homes. I hope you are keeping cool there in California, it is the high 90s here but with very high humidity too.

  2. Fairytale homes’ roof shapes and materials have always fascinated me. This one is amazing.

  3. Thanks Doreen, this is a riot how you remember back when I featured the little silo. I did not know its been on and off the market for awhile.

  4. I remember when you featured this house Sue! We lived not far from it and saw it from the outside many times but never the inside. It’s so charming but I think it’s been on the market on and off for a while. It will be interesting to see what it sells for.

  5. Great story Carol, thanks so much. It is always hard for me too when someone new moves into the neighborhood and changes the house or yard that I admired.

  6. I would like to see all the storybook homes in person too and it is for sale to be a residence or as a business.

  7. There is a gingerbread house 2 lanes over from us. It used to be so cute with a beautiful garden to accent the house. Unfortunately whomever owns it now does not take care of it. It makes me sad.

  8. Gosh, this truly is a fairytale home. I love everything about it. The grounds are magical. The interior is quaint and decorated beautifully. I’d love to stay there for a weekend.

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