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  1. I loved the Master bedroom bedding. What is the brand for sheets and comforter. My first time watching and I’m hooked.

  2. It would be great to know the exact color of gray, I agree. They don’t share any paint color details on their site. One idea is you could print out the photo and take it to a paint store and see if they can match it.

  3. I would LOVE to know what colors they used in the entry & on the fireplace.
    Any ideas?

  4. Oh cool, here I know you and did not even know you watch HGTV Fixer Upper too. This house kind of stole my heart, but then what house they do doesn’t? I will forever be on the look out for an old fireplace mantle now.

  5. I am so hooked on this show right now! The style and class they put into every project is incredible. I am in love with this house and what a transformation. Thanks so much for sharing this one. It is a gem!

  6. Thank you for the Fixer Upper tour- we don’t have cable,and I miss that show. I would love to come across a French mantel like that.

  7. Yeah, I want to buy a house and have them “Do Me” too. You and me on the mantle for sure. I will never forget it. I bet you can find one with your junking, I bet you can!

  8. Oh that stunning mantel and everything else in this place I am in lust. I must have missed this episode thanks so much for fabulous look inside Sue.

  9. Probably me and lots of other viewers wish they could be Joanna and Chip in another life, but you and your husband would make a nice show too.

  10. The foyer is a nice entrance for sure. Seems like the table might not be hard to make.

  11. I love the mantels and the foyer. Foyers are one of my favorite parts of a home. What a terrific job they did!

  12. I love Fixer Upper for the vision that Chip and Joana have. It amazes me the walls they knock down and what they create. And of course, I love Joana’s styling of each house.

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