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  1. It would be fun for a B & B adventure, but I don’t think I could live there full time.

  2. I did see the birds too. So much attention to detail about Snow White. If I had little girls I would want to bring them here.

  3. This is sorta cool and sorta weird all at the same time but I love the little birds painted on the wall. That is awesome!

  4. lol for sure! Darlin adventurous house. A girl can dream!

  5. Yes, I meant to say how much I like the hearth oven/fireplace. Hansel and Gretel should stay far away from this home.

  6. That brick oven! Every room is charming. All it needs is a prince charming! Oh, how I’d love to live there. It’s a great price too. Charming from head to toe! It would be living in a fairytale for real. Love this find, Sue!

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