Curb Appeal Idea: A Little White Fence

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Curb Appeal Idea 

It all started last year when we had a curb appeal idea to add a little white fence in the front. This spring we saw some fencing at Menards, brought it home and got it done in a day.

It was fun to do and really a small outdoor project that made a nice difference. We will add more plants and flowers next year and I wanted to show you the progress so far.

The front yard is shady due to a large tree so we planted Impatiens and added a few mature Hosta plants from the yard. We move Hosta around the yard like furniture. I’m sure you do too.

Curb appeal idea with a little white fence - before

We did not buy enough little white fence, bought more to finish the line, and happily have a lot of leftover fencing to use in other spots in the yard.

The first decision to make was where to place the fence along the walkway. Ideally, I wanted to plant flowers along the walkway because flowers hugging a sidewalk looks so welcoming. I went with placing the fence along the walk and having flowers show from the street side for charming curb appeal.

Rototill an area for flowers to create curb appeal with a little white fence
Prepare the ground by rototilling first then add top soil - curb appeal idea with a charming little white fence

After rototilling along the fence line, we stamped the dirt down.

Add Garden Top Soil before planting flowers - Curb appeal idea with a charming little white fence

Then added some garden topsoil and planted the impatiens.

Sprinkle preen lawn weed control to elimiate weed growth

I highly recommend using a Preen Weed Control to keep weeds down during the growing season. Just sprinkle around the flowers like above. It is especially good for ground cover like pachysandra I wrote about a few years ago.

Preen Garden Weed Preventer
Quick and easy curb appeal idea with a charming little white fence and flowers - Housekaboodle
Purple Iris - Housekaboodle

This year we got to enjoy the Iris longer because of the long cool weather this spring here in the Midwest. It is now June and we are still enjoying some cooler than normal days.


Curb appeal idea with a charming little white fence, hanging planters, flower pots and a wicker chair

Some hanging planters, pots with flowers and a chair with a pillow added charm and pops of color.

Geranium on the front porch adds a pop of color for curb appeal - Housekaboodle
White wicker chair and pillow on the front walkway for charming curb appeal - Housekaboodle
Geraniums in a large planter for curb appeal- Housekaboodle
Curb appeal with flower containers, cedar chips keep the weeds down and adds interest and beauty to the landscaping
Garden dragonfly - Housekaboodle
Create a charming entrance curb appeal idea- Housekaboodle
How to add quick and easy curb appeal with a little white fence and flowers - Housekaboodle
Charming curb appeal idea with little white fence, flowers and white wicker chair - Housekaboodle

I have some coleus sitting there by the fence waiting to be planted. It really was a quick and easy transformation that added a lot of charm.

The little white fence is Suncast Grand View Fence and comes in various sizes. Ours is the 24 inch.

Front door curb appeal idea with flowers - Housekaboodle

My little joy every day is this scene at the front door. I want to play out in the yard even more now. What have you done out in the garden this year?

Curb appeal idea with a little white fence and flowers was a quick and easy before and after transformation that added a lot of charm.

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