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Our DIY Transom Window Entryway Before and After

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     DIY Transom Window Entryway

I am excited to finally show you our DIY Transom Window Entryway

In the season of fall when the trees change colors to golden yellows and crimson reds, they fall down for a big change. Around October we immersed ourselves building an entryway from scratch. Then throughout the Christmas season we painted the dining room which has been a long time coming. I am talking patience of a saint here worthy of a crown from heaven.

If you’re following my box of love of homes on Housekaboodle, you dear reader, might remember the dining room color I picked is Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. Doubting in my mind how the paint color would look. Studying it, thinking, over and over again. I can say with great passion it not only looks good, but changes the feel of the room and brings a smile to my face. Palladian blue is a designer gray that works well with white and wood trim which is how this project all started on Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim.

We still have a few odds and ends to finish the dining room. But I want to show you our DIY transom window entryway transformation!

Our DIY Entryway and Dining Room Before and After that we built from scratch is finally done.Our inspiration started with the Pinterest photo below.

D.P.-Interior-WoodworksWe studied the photo and came up with a plan, Boom! Actually my dear readers, Boom! is what the construction of this DIY transom window entryway sounded like.

The chair, oh this chair. My daughter raves everyday how she loves it so much. Immediately I fell in love with this vision of a chair from Home Goods. It’s small enough to fit anywhere and simply matches our new wall color. I’ll be shopping for a splash of color pillow and/or throw for the chair, so stay tuned.

I am Home Good Happy with my new turquoise chair Next the wall behind the door will get the same wainscoting as the entryway. Then the bow-window will be painted white. I want to hang Palladian blue colored drapes and we are shopping for a new front door.

Houekaboodle - DIY Transom Window entryway from scratchBefore: The walls were dark like autumn and we had the beginnings of an entryway where none existed before.

Our DIY Entryway BEFORE it was painted

Housekaboodle DIY Entryway Half wall before painted Half wall before: More than a few friends and neighbors wanted us to keep the wood and not paint it.

Houekaboodle - DIY Entryway half wall after is painted white and looks great against the BM Palladian Blue wallsHalf wall after: The entryway painted white and walls Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue is like the difference between autumn and summer.

Housekaboodle - Before and After DIY Tansom Window Entryway was built from scratch. It's so nice to have an entryway. The paint color is Palladian Blue

Housekaboodle - HGTV Dream Home The hallway is next big project. We are already making plans to do it exactly like this photo of the HGTV Dream Home turquoise bedroom hallway. So please stay tuned.

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Sue - Housekaboodle

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