The Simple Stencil will make your decorating dreams come true

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Simple Stencil Decals For Easy Home Decor

Don’t hate your plain walls and doors. Add charm to your walls or doors with vinyl stencils. I’ve admired wall art, quotes, and decals for a long time. I especially like words that set the mood for a room so I was happy to find an easy way to make my decorating ideas come true with Simple Stencil vinyl letters. 

The Simple Stencil will make your decorating dreams come true


If you want to add some inspiring door or wall art, I have an easy, peasy way to do it.

The Simple Stencil

Simple Stencils™ custom vinyl wall lettering, decals and graphics allow you to create a personalized wall quote to display beautifully written words on your walls, windows, signs, mirrors, doors, wood, canvas, and other smooth surfaces.

The Simple Stencil Company

Our vinyl wall lettering, vinyl wall quotes and pre-made Simple Stencil™ designs give a “painted” stencil look at a fraction of the price without all the mess and skill required for hand-painted stencils. Simple Stencils™ are removable self adhesive die-cut vinyl wall letters and decal designs that are applied quickly and easily to walls, doors, mirrors, windows, wood planks, signs, vehicles (windows or car body), tiles and other smooth surfaces. Unlike traditional painted wall stencils, our vinyl wall lettering decals are removable, making it ideal for remodeling and renovating baby’s nursery walls, living and family room walls, school classrooms or church walls, kitchen and dining room walls, etc.

Our vinyl wall lettering and decals are made with only the highest quality products on the market so they will last for years on end and can easily be removed when you are ready for a new look or new wall quote to inspire you. Because Simple Stencil™ vinyl wall quotes and decals will peel away without damaging the underlying surfaces they are ideal for frequent remodeling, school classrooms, wedding decorations, special occasions, rental homes & more!

I started out with their fun and charming Hello Door Vinyl Decal. To order the hello decal or any of their stencils, pick out the size you want, and then the background and decal color by clicking the colors on their interactive charts. That way, you can see exactly how it will look for your own project.

Simple Stencil Hello Decal

Simple Stencil Hello Decal - Housekaboodle

For the hello decal, I measured to find the center of the decal for placement on the center of the door.


I found it easy to hold all my decals in place with masking tape.

The Simple Stencil Decal - Housekaboodle

Just peel the backing off.

The Simple Stencil tool

Simple stencil provided this perfect applicator for transferring the decals.

How to Simple Stencil decal - Housekaboodle

Work from top to bottom using a nice even amount of pressure which was super easy to do.

How to do The Simple Stencil decal - Housekaboodle

Then slowly peel it away and your decal appears beautifully. Plus after you peel the backing off, squeegee each letter to make sure they’re solid. Really, that was all there was to it.

I put it on my front door, but it can go anywhere your imagination takes you. I am impressed how beautiful the decals look without the trouble of using a template and painting words on the door and walls.

Welcome with Flower

There are several Welcome decals to choose. I picked this one with the flower in white to go over our door.

Welcome Flower Decal - Housekaboodle
Welcome Simple Stencil Decal

The Established Monogram

The Simple Stencil - Established Monogram - Housekaboodle

I had fun putting the Established Monogram on our garage door that leads to a patio. It adds a lot of character to an entry.

Simple Stencil Established Monogram - Housekaboodle
Adorable Easter Bunny for door wreath - Housekaboodle

When Mr. Bunny came home with me his greens were nice and straight so I know at night he has been up to mischief, but I like what he did to his greens….

Adorable Easter Bunny in my Spring Wreath - Housekaboodle

I hope this bad bunny will behave or he may not make it to Easter.

I could not be happier to have found out about The Simple Stencil company. If you want an easy way to add vinyl decals to your home or business, click over to find the stencil that is just right for you.

This post was sponsored by The Simple Stencil company. All opinions are my own.

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Simple Stencil Decals Inspiring Home Decor Ideas

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