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Glam Up With Beautiful New Cabinet Knobs

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Glam Up With Beautiful New Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

I’ve got a fun idea for you today. Glamorize or add a cute factor to your kitchen or bathroom with new cabinet knobs and pulls. Trinca-Ferro has ceramic knobs, glass knobs, acrylic/bone knobs, metal, mortice, and very cute knobs for kids bedrooms. I was kind of fascinated that they also have doorknobs to make the entrance to any opening feel special.

Trinca-Ferro sent me 6 knobs to try. I could not decide on a color so I picked a set of glass flower knobs.

Glam Up With Beautiful New Cabinet Knobs - Housekaboodle

Cabinet Knobs Project

My grandfather used this shelf in his dental office for many years. After his passing, my Mom had it on the wall or set on furniture. It carries a lot of memories for me and my brothers and sisters. Somehow after my Mom passed away I inherited it.

Antique shelf cabinet before

The surface has some damage, but otherwise, it’s in great shape. I think of my Mom and Grandfather who we called Papa when I look at it, plus Mom sanded and stained it this color years ago. For those reasons, I would like to keep it as it is stain-wise. Now that I have it front and center I am warming to the idea of staining or painting it a new color. I thought it would be fun to add new knobs.

Old knob screw lenght vs new knob screw length

Not so fast girl. Turns out I couldn’t just switch them out that easy. The new knobs have a larger and much longer screw length than the original knobs.

Use a slightly larger drill bit to make a larger hole to fit the new knob size

It was easy enough to drill new holes but…

Gently file the rough edges

the screw length extended into the drawer. You would think I’d have a photo of that, but nope, didn’t think that far ahead this time. I clamped the extended screw length as close to the nut as possible using pliers. Then a gentle back and forth motion snapped the screw off like a dream. Really easy. Then I filed the rough burrs to smooth them which took no time at all.

The screw broke off and got embedded inside the opening

Did that x4 except one of the original knobs would not come out!! The knob broke off and as a result the screw became embedded in the wood. The threads weren’t stripped, but for some reason it was glued in there. We, meaning my husband and I, chiseled a kind of crater around the screw and were able to grip it and pull it out with needle nose pliers.Whew! Now the drawer has some scratches, but IRL they’re barely visible. Which is another reason to sand and stain it all new.

Wooden holder inside the drawer 2
wooden holder inside the drawer

One of the drawers had a mystery inside. This wooden holder was attached to one of the screws of a knob. I can’t imagine what it was for. There is a little groove on either side there, but no continued groove to hold say a dental tool. Nearest thing it could hold is possibly paperwork? It does not make any sense.I need a dental antique dealer to explain. It’s my little mystery. I could attach it again someday. For now it sits snuggly inside the drawer acting as a little divider.

Tools I used

Took a shot of all the tools I ended up using along the way for your tool-time Tim and Sue enjoyment. It took a bit to do, but really it was about an hour at the most time-wise.

Glass Laurie Flower Knob - Housekaboodle

I love this antique shelf for many reasons and one of them is the little keyhole in one of the drawers. This is Glass Laurie Flower Knob from the glass knob collection. The photo on Trinca-Ferro looks like it has gold-leafing, but it’s deceiving. The gold color is a reflection of the hardware, so I was disappointed. The size is larger than I expected too. Still they are quite beautiful and worth the purchase.

DIY Coffee Bistro Center - Housekaboodle

I turned it into a coffee bistro center. I can’t express how much we are enjoying this little center now and finding new uses for the drawers.

Bird and chalkboard are from Michaels - Housekaboodle

The little bird and chalkboard are from Michael’s.

Flower pot from Home Depot - Housekaboodle

I found the flower pot at Home Depot. The miniature glass canisters were purchased years ago at our local grocery store and are part of a set I broke up for the coffee bistro shelf display.

Trimca Ferro cabinet knobs - Housekaboodle

Trinca-Ferro has so many cabinet knobs like this sample of ceramic knobs. I am thinking about switching my glass knobs out for the Garden Knob in Turquoise above.

Tea Cup Cabinet Knob from the Vintage Collection of Trinca Ferro - Housekaboodle

The tea cup knob is adorable and is found in the Vintage Collection….

Vintage Cabinet Knobs by Trinca Ferro - Housekaboodle

as are these examples. Oh and you have to see the number knobs on the website. I love the number knobs. Check them out for sure.

Trinca Ferra Cabinet Knobs - Housekaboodle

Even if you’re not ready to update your cabinet knobs yet, check out all the wonderful knobs, pulls and doorknobs on Trinca-Ferro to see what’s possible. As soon as I change out the knobs, I’ll let you know.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog each week and have a wonderful day.

See My House for other projects I’ve done.

Sue - Housekaboodle

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