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  1. Echelon Custom Home Builders are not only unique but also very stylish, updated, trendy, and equipped with all important and tiny details.

  2. House Builders says:

    The house is very beautiful with blue and modern facilities.

  3. I need a wash area like this for our dog too, although our dog can fit in a kitchen sink!

  4. Very beautiful home. I love the blue on the outside. Awe, that doggy bath would be great to have. I like everything about it.

  5. Why thank you very much for such a nice compliment Bob.

  6. Hi Linda, thank you as you are the expert on dreamy.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Gorgeous home! Love the doggy wash area in the laundry room! (Or is that a wash-beach-sand-off-the-feet station?)

  8. Linda Hartong says:

    Definitle dreamy

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