Gary Sinise Foundation Smart Homes For Wounded Vets

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Today I’m sharing the Gary Sinise Foundation that builds specially adapted Smart Homes for wounded vets. Severely wounded vets that have missing limbs can now have an easier lifestyle thanks to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

We all so easily take for granted the little every day life tasks of opening a door, going up and down stairs or reaching into our upper cabinets. Smart Homes are built for wounded vets and their families to help them overcome their daily challenges.

Smart Homes for wounded vets are not the only help the Gary Sinise Foundation provides. They are involved with donating wheelchairs, specially adapted vehicles, and trackchairs.

It was in 2011 that the Gary Sinise Foundation started building custom Smart Homes for wounded vets. In 2013 R.I.S.E (Restoring Independence & Supporting Empowerment) was born. By the end of 2014 they will have started building or completed 30 Smart Homes for wounded vets across the nation. They’re not done yet!

Gary Sinise Foundation Smart Homes For Wounded VetsGary Sinise is well-known for his role as Lt. Dan Taylor in the Forest Gump movie. His band of the same name, LT Dan Band, has performed for 10 years for the benefit of veterans. The band performs around the Chicagoland area every year including a few miles from my home at Cantigny Park.

Tour this completed Smart Home for wounded vet Tyler Huffman. It will touch your heart and amaze you.

I hope you are following me on Facebook too. Yesterday on Facebook I shared Homes For The Holidays where you can meet 10 severely injured Veterans that will be receiving a Smart Home between November 8 through December 20 this year.

Click here to learn more about R.I.S.E and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

I hope to do more about this amazing program.  I don’t have any other Smart Homes to see on the blog yet.

I recently shared 3D Printer Houses and…

Echelon Custom Home BuildersI hope you’ll take this chance to tour this beautiful Dream Home by Echelon Home Builders

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