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  1. I find aspects of #1 and #2 appealing. I would take pieces from each to make it my dream home. There are two changes to the floor plan that I might have to make for my personal needs. In the master bedroom there is only one master closet and I would need two. One might be able to be added in the back right corner losing that window next to the master bath. My other change would be to enclose the back porch off of the laundry room to make that one large room when I could have dog crates, a feeding dog station and possibly a sink. I know this would mean adding a tiny covered area for rainy days that would be smaller. I think these changes could make it a dream home for me and my husband. I do dream someday of building a dream home with these types of personalized details for us and our fur babies as a forever home.

  2. Jean Nairon says:

    I think it’s great to have so many resources when designing a home! It’s become a lot easier to keep track of designs with blogs and Pinterest now, as you’ve learned. However, like you said, it can still be fun to find some design magazines and keep some of their ideas as well. Thanks for sharing your sources of inspiration!

  3. Westly Smith says:

    My wife and I are thinking about building our own house. We’re in the information gathering stage right now. We’re trying to look at a lot of different arrangements and plans for homes. So, thanks for the list of different home plans. I like the Mountain Retreat Cottage!

  4. Thanks Julie, you always have interesting ideas. I love the thought of a stripped down version of the Victorian cottage with the three windows that keeps some character to the house.

  5. I just love the 3 round windows on that Victorian one. I’m not a fan of a lot of ornate details, but this cottage look is really romantic. I would love one that was “stripped down” 🙂

  6. numbers 2 & 4 are my picks to totally live in!! Now I must go play the power ball so i can get them.

  7. More and more all I want is a one-level ranch house too. Number 11 has me enchanted now too.

  8. #7 would be my pick since a single level home is priority for us. I would omit most of the gingerbreading, though. Style-wise, I love both 10 & 11.

  9. Your welcome and take it easy on replying until your hand is all good. xo

  10. I love them all, but #1, #4 and #11 are my favorites.

    Thanks for the fun post!

  11. Our lot is more wide than it is deep so your favorite Mountain Retreat would fit on our lot perfectly. A girl can dream.

  12. Oh my gosh Sue, I love them all. I think my favorite it the Mountain Retreat Cottage but it was so hard to choose. What a brilliant way to design your home. If I were planning on rebuilding, I would totally use these plans. In love with this post!

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