English Country Cotswold Cottage

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An English Country cottage called Cotswold Cottage was originally from Chedworth, Bloucestershire, England, but now resides in Dearborn, Michigan thanks to Henry Ford who bought the cottage and moved it to Michigan.  Significantly, the cottage and all other buildings associated with it were shipped here and reassembled exactly as they were originally.  Henry Ford brought it over for his Greenfield Village as a lovely example of architecture inspiration in America, as a tribute to his English heritage, and I can’t help to believe he bought it for his wife who loved English country gardening.

Cotswold Cottage was originally built in the 1600s, has lush English country gardens surrounding it, country gates, stone pathways, ivy growing on the walls, thick limestone walls, charming windows, and my personal favorite is niches built into the limestone walls of the cottage for birds to nest, which looks like bird heaven as you shall see.

English Country Cotswold CottageOh be still my heart you delightful cottage, no wonder Henry Ford bought you.  I like the ivy growing on the side of the house and the spindles at the entrance.  

English Country Cotswold CottageHere is a marvelous view of the English country gardens surrounding the cottage.  English country gardens include Hollyhocks, and this one is no different.   A far away view of the bird niches I mentioned that are built into the limestone walls.

English Country Cotswold CottageCharming gate and stone wall look straight out of a fairy tale.

English Country Cotswold CottageCottage stone work and looks like leaded glass windows.  The architecture is so nice to see and this one screams cottage.

English Country Cotswold CottageBuilt-in storage space in the thick limestone walls.

barn and dovecoteBird heaven.  A close up of the built-in bird nest niches is as charming as can be.

English Country Cotswold CottageTwo outbuildings:  A barn and dovecote that were also brought over from England and reassembled here.  So I wondered what is a dovecote?

Per wikipedia- “A dovecote is a structure intended to house pigeons or doves. Dovecotes may be square or circular free-standing structures or built into the end of a house or barn. They generally contain pigeonholes for the birds to nest.  Pigeons and doves were an important food source historically in Western Europe and were kept for their eggs, flesh, and dung.  In Scotland the tradition is continued in modern urban areas.”

I did not want to know that birds used to be kept for their “dung,” but now that I know it, it can’t be unknown.

English Country Cotswold CottageAnother beautiful view of the home with its stone wall and charming cottage gate.

English Country Cotswold CottageThe cottage gardens in bloom are eye candy to look at this time of year.  Cotswold Cottage is also called Rose Cottage.

English Country Cotswold CottageI will not soon forget Cotswold Cottage and all its glory.  What is your favorite part of this cottage?

 You can see even more photos of this charming cottage here.

Greenfield Village

All photos credit to Maria C Flickr

Another cottage to tour is Bee Cottage


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  1. My ancestors the Robins/Robbins of Chedworth are of the familys known to have lived in the cottage

  2. The fact that your parents’ have a cottage in Chedworth is so cool! I am so jealous. Thank you so much for sharing with us about the fields and how there are sheep or cattle there now.

  3. Sorry but my autocorrect changed the village name Chedworth to Childbirth. Hilarious!!

  4. There is a large field next to my parents’ cottage in Chedworth, Gloucestershire. Nothing remains at all of the beautiful house you see above!! The field where it once stood slopes quite steeply because it’s on the side of a beautiful, lush green valley with a little spring stream twisting along its floor, and now it’s inhabited by cotswold sheep, or occasionally Jersey cattle.

  5. Coming from you Carol that is something. I am coming over to see you now to dig my toes in the sand.

  6. I would love to spend some time tucked in at a house like it. I guess that I need to plant hollyhocks if I want my garden to be as gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this beautiful house.

  7. I wish I had the patience to do a lovely garden like this too. English country gardens are my favorite.

  8. I am not sure if my favorite is the house or the garden. I would die for a garden like that. It is my goal!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful home!

  9. I have to say those photos made me linger and almost made me late dropping off my kids at school! What an amazing historic cottage!

  10. This house oozes romance along with that beautiful garden. I am sure he bought it for the love of his wife, who loved English gardens.

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