Two Historic Homes On The Same Street in Illinois For Sale

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I am excited to share two historic homes on the same street in Oak Park, Illinois for sale.  It’s time to double our pleasure and double our fun with historic homes aplenty.

Both of the homes are in Oak Park, Illinois on Kenilworth Ave.  Oak Park is a prestigious suburb of Chicago in its own right.  Oak Park is also on the map for their many Frank Lloyd Wright homes toured every year by fans.  But, the two historic homes we are looking at today were built by E.E. Roberts, an architectural rival of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Roberts architect practice in Oak Park was larger than Frank Lloyd Wright’s and he designed well over 200 homes in Oak Park alone.

Historic Home #1 is a Queen Anne called The Joseph K. Dunlop House II Circa 1897 listed for 2,250,000.

Historic Home #2 is a Prairie classic called The Benjamin Porter Horton Residence Circa 1913 listed for $3,000,000.

Two Historic Homes On The Same Street in Illinois For Sale#1. Meet The Joseph K. Dunlop II house – 1897.  I’ll sit and sigh gazing at its perfection while you continue reading. A rare offering.  If you have the means to buy this more than well-preserved estate (I mean look at it!), gobble it up before it’s gone peeps.  
407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL I did not expect this whimsical coach house with a bedroom and bath above the three car garage.

407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park ILHistoric homes don’t often include antiques like this gorgeous black and silver ornamental antique stove, but The Joseph K. Dunlop II house does!

Entrance 407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL

Loving the double door entrance, flooring, and stairs.  I want those landing pads and leaded glass windows and doors.

Kitchen 407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL Chicago Magazine author Ian Spula toured the home finding the kitchen was added in the 90s using reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine cabinetry and..

Conservatory 407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park ILthe climate controlled conservatory used as a family room.

For Sale 407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL

For Sale 407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL More whimsical merriment goes on in historic homes than we know.

Rear view 407 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL for saleRear view shows off the manicured lawn, patio, conservatory and stately design. Plenty of room for a large family with six bedrooms and six bathroom.

Benjamin Porter Horton House#2. Meet The Benjamin Porter Horton Residence – 1913.  This is a very cool Prairie classic.  Room aplenty with five bedrooms and six baths.

322 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL

Dining rm 322 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL Mission style furniture and lighting dot the living areas.  Chicago Magazine found the glass art is restored, some doors and lighting are new and a lot of the woodwork on the lower two floors are original and….

Kitchen 322 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park

Kitchen opposite view

Two way fireplace Oak Park IL house the owners did a total restoration over several years.  A looks like it was original see-through fireplace for the family room and dining room with a mural were created for the home.

Bedroom Oak Park IL house for saleI think this is the 4th window seating area I have seen in the house so far.

Bathroom Oak Park IL Historic Home for sale

Historic home in Oak Park IL for sale

Historic Home in Oak Park IL

Coach house above garage Oak Park ILView of the coach house above the garage.

Rear view 322 N Kenilworth Ave Oak Park IL for saleRead the tour article details in Chicago Magazine about both historic homes by Ian Spula.  There are many more rooms to see in both Historic homes.  To contact the listing agents and see more photos, here are the Zillow links for each home.

The Joseph K. Dunlop House II

The Benjamin Porter Horton Residence

I am partial to the Dunlop House because it is a Queen Anne, but the sophistication of the Horton house and its never-ending amount of rooms has me liking it as well so I can’t decide!  Which house would you pick?

If you like to see more Historic Homes visit Old Houses where some Oak Park Frank Lloyd Houses are also included.

Thank you for visiting my friends.  Have a Happy Day!

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  1. I like Dunlop house double decks – sun or no sun.
    Great house Great Post…

  2. That’s a tough choice but I think I’d take the Dunlop house, too. My brother-in-law grew up in Oak Park. His parents had one of those old homes – not quite as big as these two though. It was beautiful!

  3. I know, I meant to talk more about how much I like the wrap around porches and railing and all the exterior details on the Queen Anne.

  4. omg the queen anne for surrrrrrrrrrrrrre the two wrap around porches had me but then the blk n white stove and the kitchen im innnnnnnnnnnn lol

  5. That wrap around porch kills me! And oh how I love that master bed/bath in the 2nd house…I’ll take both!

  6. Dark wood is not popular anymore I know because I have an overwhelming desire to paint everything white. Meet You In St. Louis in 5 years Dana, we will have a ball house hunting.

  7. I want the conservatory!! Beautiful homes, but I prefer light and airy as opposed to a lot of dark wood.

    In about five years, (when my daughter goes to college) I need you to locate a home in St. Louis that is inexpensive, has a significant amount of charm, with a beautiful yard and porch and a gorgeous kitchen. Okay? I love your discovers, Sue!

  8. Traditionally, I’m a fan of Prairie and Bungalows, but the conservatory and rounded landings of the Queen Anne would certainly have my bid. But then again the Prairie has that glass ceiling atrium that would have me sitting in there all day! I’m glad I don’t have to choose! Thanks for sharing – someday I’m going to make it back to Oak Park!

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