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  1. I know, it is hard to find such a wonder as the Texas house, unless I feature your house. Let me know if that will be possible someday.

  2. I love the house in Alabama, but the curb appeal of the house is Texas is huge.

  3. Your welcome and I am always so happy when you visit Housekaboodle.

  4. wow love the porch and interior this one is sure to sell quickly
    thanks so much for the tour Sue

  5. Hi Jenny, if you found a wonderful house in your area, I’d love to know. I am always so happy to see you.

  6. I visited Zillow the other day, just to see what kind of houses there were in my area. I love the house you have featured. It’s the porch that caught my attention.

  7. Charm and character to spare is a perfect description Doreen. You have a way with words that I admire. Have a great weekend!

  8. I adore the exterior of this home Sue! The cute home at the end of the post in Texas stole my heart too! Such charm and character to spare!

  9. It is a bit of a one-of-a-kind that I found in the area. Thanks for stopping in and for your nice comments.

  10. what a lovely home! love the open space of it!

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