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  1. Oh giggle, you are right up my alley of decor on big squishy sofas and saturated colors! My dream come true.

  2. I ADORE this exterior – but I have to take issue with the interior – it just seems so wrong for this house, beautiful as the decor may be! I would much prefer a Mediterranean interior design scheme – tile floors, big, squishy sofas, saturated colors. Ah well, to each his own! Keep finding these gems – I love what you pick!

  3. Yes, yes, the more I look at the stairway the more details I see that I love.

  4. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Gorgeous house! I love that wrought iron staircase railing – sensational! I too would love to live in SOCAL if I were rich!

  5. I’m with you Jenny, I don’t know how anyone affords beautiful southern California living, but if wishes could come true I might want to move there if I had the money.

  6. I am familiar with the area where this house is, beautiful area. It gets me is how pricey homes are in Southern CA…how the heck does anyone live there? The English style was a nice surprise on the inside.

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