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  1. Hi Suzie, you’re right in line with most of my readers who like cottages like this one.

  2. Suzie@homemaker-mom says:

    Just when I thought I found my dream house… I find a new one! LOL

  3. So many times these carriage houses and guest houses are the more charming of the estates. Love your new site by the way.

  4. What a charming house with unexpected elements inside. I would not have thought of the island and banquette arrangement. Space saving and unique. You never know what lies inside some homes. This one manages to keep the vintage charm while adding lots of unexpected touches. If you move into the house…I’ll take the carriage house.

  5. Hi Leslee real estate junkie. Thank you for the nice comment today.

  6. Beautiful home!!! Thanks for sharing. I too love houses, sort of a real estate junkie I guess… also love the interiors… both my top two favorite passtimes… looking!!!

  7. Thank you Carolann. Some of my readers recommended it to me.

  8. It is a fun fanciful house for sure. It must be my new setup for comments so will try to fix it. Coming over to see you now too. Are my comments showing up on your site, as I don’t see them there anymore after I post it.

  9. Oh I love the window in the kitchen. What a dreamy house!The colors are so warm and welcoming too! Great find sue!

  10. What a fun house!

    sorry about all caps and the centering, I have no idea what i hit to get my comment to look like this!

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