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  1. Do you mean the Rivit Media ad that sometimes shows the visitor a video? It is in the right hand top spot. Sorry about that, maybe I should ask them to not show videos. Currently, I have no control.

  2. I am happy to read you and the family are having some fun and I am thinking of you all.

  3. My sister-in-law was busy taking care of her mom and now that she has passed they are getting ready to put the house up for sale soon and decide where they want to move, as they are in a position to move anywhere they want.

  4. A cute little cottage in Sag Harbor sounds pretty good to me. I love the checkered floor although I would prefer the squares to be a little smaller.

    I clicked over to see the yellow houses and I remembered that post. Did your sister-in-law ever sell the Iowa yellow house?

  5. I totally love this house. If I could, I would buy it and live in it. So charming!

  6. Thank you for the cheery comment Sarah. Everybody needs to head over to see Wabi SAabi Cottage by Sarah- above.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Oh! It’ so cute Sue! Like a little Cape Code doll house! I have to agree that I prefer these cozy types of homes to the big fancy-pants mansions.

  8. A guest post once a week would be lovely.

  9. This looks very much like a 1921 Sears & Roebuck Kit house Ben and I bought and reno’d. I really do have to share with you my house journey’s over the year.

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