Beautiful Georgia Peach House Renovation by Famous Designer

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Georgia Peach House Renovation of “Honeymoon” House 

Today is a look through a beautiful Georgia peach of a house called Honeymoon. Atlanta Homes Magazine featured this lovely southern belle. Their interview says interior designer/shop owner Jimmy Stanton and his partner Patrick Greco were house hunting and fell in love with the home. It’s an 1831 Greek Revival in Madison, Georgia.

The home needed updating. During the house renovation, Stanton was excited to find relics left behind inside the maid’s home called Sadie’s House; a little cottage on the property. A fun fact is the house used to belong to heirs of the Coca-Cola Company.

Once the house renovation was completed, locals could take a tour of the home. It was featured in the May Spring Tour of Homes & Gardens held from April 30 through May 2nd of this year.

Beautiful Georgia Peach House Renovation by Famous Designer

Beautiful Georgia Peach House Renovation by Renowned interior designer Jimmy Stanton

Honeymoon House in Georgia is 5,000 square feet of gorgeousness to see. Note the fence mimics the window pane designHoneymoon House is 5,000 square feet of interior design inspiration. Note the fence mimics the window pane design

Welcome to Honeymoon House in Madison GeorgiaWelcome to Honeymoon House. Let’s take a peek inside.[Tweet “Welcome to Honeymoon House. Let’s take a peek inside.”]

Inside Honeymoon, an Antebellum Greek Revival house renovation by Jimmy Stanton and Patrick GrecoMany of the furnishings you see throughout the home are available for purchase at Jimmy Stanton’s store, Stanton Home Furnishings. The beautiful blue bird prints are listed as Bird, American Crow and Bird, Columbia Jay.

Jimmy Stanton's "Honeymoon" House renovation Wonderful close up view of the secretary’s desk that sits inside the foyer. I like the glass raindrop table lamps that are almost like tiny honeycombs, as mentioned just below. The table lamps are called Bling Buffet.

Honeymoon mansion foyer is painted a serene blue-grayAtlanta Homes says the foyer is “painted in a blue-gray shade for a serene aura and punctuated by a Worlds Away honeycomb pendant.” I like the dramatic black painted “Belgian apothecary stocked with pewter”. Note the honeycomb-patterned rug as well.

Living room Library with golden gilted orb pendantVelvet seating, diamond-pattern rug. On the fireplace are two foo dogs and ginger jars.

There are five fireplaces in the Honeymoon HouseOne of the five fireplaces.

Inside Honeymoon house interior with contrastng color treatments

One of the two main living areas inside Honeymoon Mansion by designer/shop owner Jimmy Stanton

One of the two main living areas inside Honeymoon Mansion by designer Jimmy StantonI have a few favorites and one of them is this green velvet sofa.

Inside "Honeymoon" Mansion in Georgia - Dining room Cole and Son WallpaperThe wallpaper is meant to depict a stormy sky and looks dreamy to me. The nailhead chairs are called Madrid.

Historic "Honeymoon" mansion Dining Room with Blown-glass Bubble chandelier design by Jimmy Stanton, Stanton Home FurnishingsLoving the fanciful bubble chandelier that seems to melt into the clouds of the wallpaper.

Dining room - Honeymoon Mansion Madison Georgia designed by Jimmy Stanton

Kitchen is Ikea by Designer/Home Furnishings owner Jimmy StantonThe kitchen was a significant part of the house renovation.  It surprised me that the cabinets are Ikea. The island is custom-made and is a roll away. I like the serene effect of everything painted the same color to envelope you in a cozy setting.

Powder room with Cole and Son wallpaper inside Honeymoon house in Madison, Georgia by Jimmy StantonDreamy powder room wallpaper.

Honeymoon house bedroom with bubble style crystal chandelierCrystal chandelier, leather chairs and more serene blue paint color. The rug looks like a blue or blue gray here. I found it in their store available in light gray or ivory.

Master bedroom with barley twist four-poster bed - Honeymoon house by Jimmy Stanton

Pool at Honeymoon Mansion in Georgia

The former maid's residnece is called Sadies HouseHere’s the maid’s residence called “Saide’s house” where the relics were found and is a future house renovation project.

It was fun to pick out home furnishings I liked in Honeymoon house and find them on Stanton Home Furnishings. Most of their home decor is out of my price range, but it is nice to window shop and get design ideas.

Thank you to Atlanta Homes Magazine for allowing me to feature Honeymoon house.

I literally have a list of what inspired me inside Honeymoon. The cloud wallpaper, the serene blue walls, the bubble chandelier, bling table lamps, the rugs and cozy Ikea kitchen. What did you like most about the home decor?


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