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  1. Hillori Graham says:

    Do you know where I can purchase the elevated dog bed with stairs by a bed?

  2. I really would like to obtain the bedside bed for my cavachon pup. Could you please tell me where to get one?

  3. I know what you mean. These are some high-end pamper your pet home design ideas for sure.

  4. Suzie@homemaker-mom says:

    Wow Sue those are awesome pet ideas. Those pet showers look better than my own shower haha!

  5. That’s what most of us do too Carol. We all love seeing photos of your pooch enjoying beach cottage life.

  6. Fun and funny ideas for the pooch – ours just has to fit into life in our little cottage.

  7. awwww thank you Sue! That is going to be a very special day for me. I still miss my Neo so much 🙁

  8. Awe thanks for the reminder about Jack the goldendoodle, I know him and love this kind of breed of dog.

  9. I love that first picture Sue! Have you ‘met’ Jack, the goldendoodle? (The Inspired Dog)They look just like him and I think this particular breed is a hoot!

    Such creative and fun ideas. Who thinks up this stuff?? lol

  10. I think the under the bed drawer is pretty cute too. Can’t wait to see your new puppy whenever you get one.

  11. I know you made a homemade dog bed that was pretty cute and of course with your two dogs would love all of these ideas too. Have a nice day Anj

  12. Thank you Chrissy and I hope when you build your new house it will have a nice kitty cubbie for Izzy.

  13. Christine says:

    Love these ideas! I particularly like numbers 11 & 12. Izzy, my kitty would love that little round nook.
    Nice job Sue.

  14. Ok that’s it. I’m getting a dog this week! I love these ideas Sue. I love the one with the built in right next to your bed and I love the one with the doggie drawer too! What great ideas for the beloved animal in your life!

  15. love love love all the awesome ideas, thanks so much for sharing

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