Grape Hyacinth Flowers in Tiny Vases

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Grape Hyacinth Flowers 

Every spring I wait for the Grape Hyacinth flowers to bloom so I can put them in my tiny vases.  If you have lilies of the valley, these tiny vases are just the right size for them like a fairy garden vase.

The tiny vases were my Mom’s.  Each spring when I look at them I fondly recall my Mom putting Lilies of the Valley, Grape Hyacinths, and sometimes even Alyssum flowers in the vases.

Today I cleared the decks from our messy house that is under construction and took a few photos.

Look away if you notice the wood in my garden window that needs sanding, it’s only an illusion.  Consider it Shabby Chic decor!  I’ll get to my garden window soon, after the dining room project and after I quiet the loud screams in my yard that needs attention.

Grape Hyacinth Flowers in Tiny VasesThese are not even the smallest of my tiny vase collection.

Grape Hyacinths in tiny vasesThe two littlest vases have teeny tiny caps to close the bottle.  I wonder if they are old-time medicine bottles that held small doses.  The bottles are fun to fill with water and I have to shake them a few times to get the water out.

Grape Hyacinth Flowers and Wedgewood blue dinnerwareThe blue Wedgwood plates were wedding gifts to my mother and father.  We always had every holiday meal on these plates so they’re filled with memories.  I wish I had the complete set.  My favorite piece is the sugar bowl that has a broken handle.  I am surprised even these pieces survived the abuse of a family of 10!

Watercolor of Grape Hyacinths I followed a tutorial by Creative Cain Cabin to turn one of my Grape Hyacinth flowers into a watercolor photo with Pic Monkey.  It was fun and quick to do so if you get the chance I recommend her easy step-by-step guide.

Garden walk blue mirror and butterflyTake a stroll through my garden walk with fairies and gnomes from last year.


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  1. Sue, This is a beautiful sentimental post. I just love it. The tiny vases filled with hyacinths are precious, what a wonderful way to remember your mother each spring. The vases look lovely posed in front of the Wedgwood plates. My mother in Law gave me several of her blue Wedgwood plates forty some years ago. Unfortunately I lost track of them somewhere during one of our moves.

  2. Thanks ARod. I have a lot of plates, but not a complete set. Some cups and saucers. The broken sugar bowl and I adore the creamer. There are even a few of what I think are finger bowls.

  3. What gorgeous vignettes you created with your grape hyacinths! The Wedgewood is a beautiful backdrop too. Don’t worry about the garden window sill… it blends nicely and looks fabulous. I can’t stop looking at your arrangement in the larger blue bottle vase. It would make a beautiful still life painting. It’s so perfect. I have to pin it just to look at it often. I’m just deciding where to pin it; Art or Garden & Patio. Maybe both!
    ~ Robin

  4. I am not familiar with those flowers, but I am going to check them out at the nursery this weekend.

    My mother had a few pieces of blue wedgewood – I wonder where they are now?

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