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  1. So happy to hear you liked the garden walk that is one of my favorites. Love that you are collecting fairy garden items and so precious you got some for your birthday and Mother’s Day! If you share your garden on your blog, I am sure the whole garden world will be rocked if it is anything like your tablescapes.

  2. You had me at fairy garden Sue, I like the whimsey of creating a fairy garden in a cooler. The playful nature of the gnome garden is pure fun to look at, kind of makes you want to sit down on the ground and start playing. I have been gathering up little fairy garden things for a while now. My children gave me fairy garden furniture for my birthday last year, and little garden fairies for Mother’s Day last week. Today I found 3 little fairy babies at Goodwill to use in my fairy garden. I have been collecting plants for the fairy garden for months. I had a nice oval galvanize tub that seems to have disappeared just as I am ready to put my little fairy garden together. Mr helpful (aka dear hubby) likes to throw things out that he doesn’t see a purpose for (he really hates my galvanize containers). I guess he gets bored while I am at work all day and he is home with nothing to do but watch TV. Poor baby, huh? Well here nor there I enjoyed reading about and looking at the pictures of the miniature garden, gnomes, fairies, toys and all. Have a great week….. Candy

  3. I am so glad you liked the garden Debbie. I see you have a Fairy Garden post on Hometalk among other wonderful posts that I am coming over to clip and follow.

  4. Debbie-Dabble says:

    Beautiful!! Love all of it and thanks so much for sharing it!! A lot of inspiration and ideas that I would love to use in my small little cottage garden…


  5. Hi Merissa, thank you and you are right, it is full of fun.

  6. Thanks so much Nellie and I am glad you like the Garden Tour. I am coming back over to visit more on the hop now too.

  7. What a fun yard, and so nice they share it with everyone.
    Loved the idea of the picture on the side of the shed. that was adorable.
    Course, the whole yard is lovely and delightful.

    Blessings, and thanks for sharing it with us,

    Actually I like fairies better than gnomes, not into them, but like the gnome garden
    better, it just needs the fairies. lol

  8. It is such a wonderful garden Gina, glad you enjoyed the post. I am glad you stopped by because I meant to pin your Dollhouse so I am coming over now.

  9. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my Dollhouse Makeover post. What a pretty and fun garden you featured. Love the fairy garden and the gnome garden! How cute! Now I fairy garden is what I need to do. I keep saying that but never do anything about it.
    Have a great rest of your week,

  10. Hi Mary Alice, I just loved your kitchen project makeover with the chalkboard. I did love the garden walk and want to do it all over again.

  11. This is truly an enchanting garden!! What a treat and delight to be able to visit.
    Mary Alice

  12. Hi Debra, I just loved doing this garden walk and want to do another one!

  13. So many great ideas here — all equally charming! Very sweet garden tour, Sue.


  14. Glad you liked the garden walk Carol. Your colorful house should be in a house walk I think.

  15. What little girl could resist this magical fairy garden.

  16. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Very sweet! My daughter would LOVE that garden!

  17. Oh, it is wonderful. My favorite grouping of flowers was the photo of yellow, white and orange blooms.

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