Garden Walk – Fairies and Gnomes Flower Garden Design

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I entered a back yard garden walk complete with fairies, gnomes, miniature gardens, blooming flowers, garden ornaments, and a white picket fence. Welcome to Tom and Kim Norwick’s award winning garden.  I met Tom and Kim and at once was as enchanted by their warm welcome as I was by their garden.  The couple are master gardener members of the Men’s and Women’s Garden Club of Villa Park. Their lush flower garden was a star in this year’s garden walk.

As Tom and Kim showed me around the garden, neighbors walking by on the sidewalk along the white picket fence waved hello.  It was clear the couple are popular for who they are and for their garden.

Kim shared: A neighborhood cat stops by regularly because he knows a treat is waiting for him.  A visiting little girl playing in the secret fairy garden could not resist taking home a token, as her mother found out, and they came back to return the garden fairy toy.

Garden Walk - Fairies and Gnomes Flower Garden DesignCobalt blue mirror and butterfly hanging on the fence are just some of the many garden ornaments.

Norwick's homeThe entrances to their home lets you know you’ve arrived some place special.

White picket fence gate

A white picket fence gate opens to the garden.

Blooming flowers in container

Garden work stationAs soon as I entered through the gate a garden work station sits on the left.  A tiny pink chair holds a birdie.

Cozy swingA cozy swing on the right invites you to sit with a sign that says “Anyone can have dirt.  Gardeners have soil.”

ZinniasBlooming flowers of all kinds met me with each step I took along the garden walk.

Purple flowers

orange roses

Lady bug garden ornamentA lady bug stands guard.

Garden ShedA recent addition to the garden is this just right sized shed for storing a wheel barrow, garden tools, and some extra winter storage space for garden ornaments.

hanging picture on side of shed

Garden photo hanging on side of shedKim’s talents include this picture hanging on the street side of the shed for everyone walking by to enjoy.  She already had the picture and then found flowered wallpaper at a garage sale and laid it on top of the picture within the frame; all under glass.

White carriage holds flowesLittle bird house centered on a fence and a white garden carriage adorn the tree.

Tom and Kim Norwick's garden

Old doors made into outdoor privacy fenceI love their idea of turning three old doors into a privacy fence and place for hanging signs and plaques.

Garden walk to fairy gardenOn the lower right lives a secret fairy garden.

DIY cooler turned into a fairy gardenKim made her miniature fairy garden out of a cooler.

Tinker bell

Fairy garden toys

Miniature toy fairy gardenI spy a pink horse with wings among other fairy things living in this miniature garden world.

garden sign

Black eyed Susans

DIY Garden OrnamentI really like Kim’s homemade whimsical turquoise topiary garden ornament out of flower vases and saucers.

Pink garden mirror

Wonderful pink garden mirrorColorful pink garden mirror hung along the fence line capturing the reflection of flowers beautifully.

Gnome Garden

Gnome Garden filled with gnome toysHer fun dedicated Gnome garden area with a sign that says “There’s No Place Like Gnome” captures otherworldly creature garden delight.

Garden more, work lessIt’s time to say good-bye.  I had a wonderful time on your garden walk and left filled with inspiration.  Thank you Tom and Kim Norwick for sharing your garden.

You can read more about the Norwick’s and see other homes in the garden walk at homegardening the Garden Club of Villa Park in Illinois.

The flowers are magnificent.  I want to know which miniature garden you liked the most?  The fairy garden or the gnome garden?

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  1. So happy to hear you liked the garden walk that is one of my favorites. Love that you are collecting fairy garden items and so precious you got some for your birthday and Mother’s Day! If you share your garden on your blog, I am sure the whole garden world will be rocked if it is anything like your tablescapes.

  2. You had me at fairy garden Sue, I like the whimsey of creating a fairy garden in a cooler. The playful nature of the gnome garden is pure fun to look at, kind of makes you want to sit down on the ground and start playing. I have been gathering up little fairy garden things for a while now. My children gave me fairy garden furniture for my birthday last year, and little garden fairies for Mother’s Day last week. Today I found 3 little fairy babies at Goodwill to use in my fairy garden. I have been collecting plants for the fairy garden for months. I had a nice oval galvanize tub that seems to have disappeared just as I am ready to put my little fairy garden together. Mr helpful (aka dear hubby) likes to throw things out that he doesn’t see a purpose for (he really hates my galvanize containers). I guess he gets bored while I am at work all day and he is home with nothing to do but watch TV. Poor baby, huh? Well here nor there I enjoyed reading about and looking at the pictures of the miniature garden, gnomes, fairies, toys and all. Have a great week….. Candy

  3. I am so glad you liked the garden Debbie. I see you have a Fairy Garden post on Hometalk among other wonderful posts that I am coming over to clip and follow.

  4. Beautiful!! Love all of it and thanks so much for sharing it!! A lot of inspiration and ideas that I would love to use in my small little cottage garden…


  5. What a fun yard, and so nice they share it with everyone.
    Loved the idea of the picture on the side of the shed. that was adorable.
    Course, the whole yard is lovely and delightful.

    Blessings, and thanks for sharing it with us,

    Actually I like fairies better than gnomes, not into them, but like the gnome garden
    better, it just needs the fairies. lol

  6. It is such a wonderful garden Gina, glad you enjoyed the post. I am glad you stopped by because I meant to pin your Dollhouse so I am coming over now.

  7. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my Dollhouse Makeover post. What a pretty and fun garden you featured. Love the fairy garden and the gnome garden! How cute! Now I fairy garden is what I need to do. I keep saying that but never do anything about it.
    Have a great rest of your week,

  8. Hi Mary Alice, I just loved your kitchen project makeover with the chalkboard. I did love the garden walk and want to do it all over again.

  9. Oh, it is wonderful. My favorite grouping of flowers was the photo of yellow, white and orange blooms.

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