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  1. Not in love with the interior of this home, but loving the gold gilded ceiling!

  2. WOW this whole house is so unique! I would love to have a wrap around porch. Thanks for sharing another fantastic house. Only in my dreams!

  3. I think any home you get your hands will end up looking beautiful.

  4. Wow she sure is a pretty lady. Looks to be very well taken care off. I would love to keep her old world beauty and mix it up with some modern touches. You had me at wrap around porch of coarse.

  5. Thank you Cyndi. I recall your friend in Napa that lives in a Victorian now that you mention it. I think Victorians are like a dollhouse for grownups.

  6. I have a special place in my heart for Victorians…My best friend in Napa has lived in a historical Victorian for 35 years. It is so cool. I love going to visit. I’ll have to take some pics next time I’m there.

  7. Thank you Carolann. I’ll try to keep an eye on her to see if she sells in a nanosecond.

  8. Everything about this house is amazing. I love wraparound porches and this one is probably the most stunning I’ve seen in ages. The interior is truly majestic. I would buy this house in a nanosec if possible. Thanks for sharing her with us Sue. It was a visual eye candy experience!

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