Houses from Hurricane Sandy

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I love houses here on Housekaboodle and when I see the destruction from Hurricane Sandy I am as amazed and speechless.  But, it’s the people living in the houses that made them homes, they are the devastated ones by what happened.  We all know this.  If it’s not happening to us then we can’t feel what they are going through, but can only watch in disbelief.

Where is everyone whose house has been destroyed staying right now?  There are so many, many houses of destruction.

Hurricane Sandy streets of sandWhere will they live as time goes on, while they are waiting for their home to be rebuilt?  It’s getting cold out and I am thinking that rebuilding will be slowed down due to the time of year.

I am thankful today for my running water, heat, and electricity.  I can brush my teeth in the morning, do my laundry, make coffee, and sit on my couch and watch TV.  For some people affected by Hurricane Sandy, maybe they can do some basic things someplace else, but it’s not in the place that is familiar to them where they feel the most comfortable, their home.  

Hurricane Sandy house fireThe hundreds of houses destroyed by fire.

Hurricane Sandy fire remainsOnly a fireplace is left standing.

Sand damage Hurricane SandyThe unexpected, unthinkable sand devastation.

Sand damage is inside the houseThe sand is not just in the street, it’s inside the house.

the destruction of Hurricane SandyThe flooding….

Hurricane Sandy destruction A house tossed off its foundation crashes into the neighbor’s house.

Hurricane Sandy house destructionA car hangs out of a window on the right.

flooding from Hurricane SandyA house surrounded by water looks like it might have a chance to be restored.

houses demolished Hurricane SandyThe debris that could be someone’s house broken into pieces like the hearts of every person who has lost their home.

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  1. It’s sad to loose everything you own, your home, all your memories gone.

  2. I agree Sharon – we are all just one disaster away from losing our home… I always think ‘ what if it were my home – what would i do – where would i go?’ It’s a sobering thought.
    Great post Sue – this has also been weighing heavily on my mind (I also did a post today about the storm destruction).

  3. @sharongreenthal One bad disaster away from destruction!  That’s a good thought to keep in mind and we should prepare like your post How to be ready for the next disaster talks about.  Have a Happy Weekend @sharongreenthal Sharon.

  4. We are all just one bad disaster away from our homes being destroyed. Here in California it’s earthquakes. My heart breaks for everyone who is now trying to figure out where they will live.

  5. @simplybydesign2 I am feeling more positive today with hearing that some businesses will be rebuilt and come back better than they were before.  As for individual houses, I sure hope it doesn’t take years, but you are probably right.  Have a nice weekend.

  6. You have touched upon something I have been pondering on. They are now left with a mess and possible re-building. Which could take years. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost so much from this massive storm.

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