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  1. I am intrigued by the one with the screened in porch. Would be great to sit out there in the summer time. I’d like to retire to a tiny house on wheels so I can go where the winds blow me. I live near Amish country in PA and there’s an Amish builder who makes them and they can be customized. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Rachel, Thank you so much and great fun facts you shared today about the song little boxes.

  3. My favorite is the shed/hanging bed combo. So cool! This is a great list! Fun fact: The song little boxes, is actually a protest song about suburban houses in general based on Levittown, Long Island. It’s by Malvina Reynolds and Pete Seeger even sang a version of it. Also, if you watched Weeds you can hear great covers in other languages and by other bands stsrting about the 2nd season — so they get even cooler.

  4. Hi Crystal, tiny houses are so popular but living in one with kids would definitely be difficult. Interesting that Del likes small spaces Crystal. Thank you so much for visiting.

  5. These are some really adorable! I can see Del and I getting a very small house once the kids move out because he LOVES to be in small rooms. We would really blossom in smaller house.

  6. Toni Myers says:

    Love these tiny houses. Big questions, does the house run on batteries or very long extension cord? What about water for the shower and cooking? Run by garden hose? Can the tiny house survive winter? I would love to build one for my paint studio.

  7. I am not convinced I could live in one of these adorable teeny tiny houses either, but they are one of my fun to look at and think about house obsessions. I would def like one in the backyard for guests.

  8. I’ve been seeing these little houses a lot lately. I always laugh when I think of me trying to live in one. I’d sooner live in the woods…at least I’d have more space lol. Great post as always. XO

  9. Hi Robin, I keep starring at the little deck too. If you do get to build one in your woods, I hope you will share it with us. I am attracted to tiny houses for so many reasons. Today, I was thinking that they are like Big Girl dollhouses.

  10. I have only seen parts of Tiny House Nation so far and I think we can catch episodes online now too. I am so happy to hear from someone who likes tiny houses too, especially since it is you.

  11. I love these little houses! I keep refraining from the urge to build one in our woods, but the tiny house, actually artist studio, is tempting me big time! Love the little deck on it. I like how you chose the song with the theme “little boxes”. 🙂

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