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  1. hi the very first picture the green little cottage an the bridge is actually in a little town in north wales called llanrwst! Its never really that green an the surroundings aren’t that green either, who ever photoshopped it has taken away what naturally beautiful about it, google it an you’ll see its true beauty! An also its a little cafe called “Ty Hwnt i’r Bont” which make home made welsh cakes an bara brith its well worth the trip down to see an im lucky i get to see it every day x

  2. Hi Shirley, as above, a reader sent it to me and said it was from a Facebook account called 1,000,000 Pictures

  3. The beautiful green cottage posted above with the stream and bridge, do you know where the cottage is located please. So beautiful.
    Thank you

  4. Oh my gosh, crazy fast ivy grows in one night! No wonder the first house looks like it does.

  5. Linda Hartong says:

    I love vines on everyones housebut mine. We lived in Georgia for several years and the ivy could grow over a window during one night

  6. It is so great to hear from someone who has lived in an Ivy covered house.

  7. I have lived in a home covered in Ivy as a young girl. It might be why I love the English style so much. I would have no problem living in a home covered in Ivy again.

  8. I hate snakes, I don’t even like to say the word. I have Under the Tuscan Sun in my line up to watch and do a post on, so I will have to look for that scene because I don’t remember it. I am sick as can be this week, so thanks for stopping.

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Oh Sue, time to come home – these English cottages are way too dreamy! As for if I would like ivy all over my house… I would like the look of it but the possibility of snakes living in there really freaks me out! (Remember that scene from Under the Tuscan Sun??)

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