French Country Kitchens

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French Country Kitchens are warm and gentle kitchens that give you the feeling of having someone wrapping their arms around you.  I found the first French Country kitchen featured on Houzz and one of the questions readers wanted to know about was the chandelier.  The chandelier is an antique and so it can’t be purchased at any specific place.

French Country Kitchens like this Breakfast Room & traditional style kitchen is beautiful. I love the red and white checked chandelier

There is a creamy yellow on the cabinets, and dabs of deep red and muted blue that accent this kitchen perfectly for the french country kitchen feel that I love, most especially the chandelier that I think puts a subtle explanation point into the room, as red commands attention and is a bold statement color.  Without the red, there would be no drama in this room.  This french country kitchen is also popular for the colored kitchen cabinets.  A newer trend in kitchens cabinets, white or wood, is adding a contrasting colored island.  

Melaine Thompson traditional french country kitchens design. This one has the signature ruffled chair covers

French country kitchens often have ruffled chair seat covers.  Here they blend in with their environment beautifully and don’t detract from the flooring and cabinets.  Simply lovely. 

Kitchen traditional kitchen
A distressed french country look on these cabinets make them a popular choice.  Per the builder, the cabinets are from if you just gotta have em and want to order them.  I like the accessories of the plates and potted plants, and then the oversized lantern (arch top lantern) above the island that says “look at me.”
Lake Arrowhead Country French Kitchen traditional kitchen
Just so inviting.  A French Country kitchen like this says Welcome.  More often than not a french country kitchen will feature a rooster and this one has two of them standing at attention.  As for the apron sink, they are in many different kinds of kitchen styles these days.  The under cabinet lighting and inside cabinet lighting give the kitchen an even warmer glow.  The blue counters mixed with the creamy yellow cabinets are color combinations often used for french country.
French Country kitchens can be like this Traditional Normandy Kitchen via Houzz
It’s a mustard yellow paint color on these french kitchen cabinets. This kitchen is old world french country elegance.  I especially like the round window above the oven and the mix of painted cabinets and wood cabinets.  This kitchen was designed with the countryside of France in mind, per the designer.  I confess that old world style anything is one of my favorites.
French country kitchens like this are one of my favorite designs
Lastly, this french country kitchen is a popular pins on Pinterest so I wanted to include it.  The decorative glass jars with vegetables in them, the bowl of lemons, and the extra-large covered casserole dish on the shelf are what initially caught my attention.  But, there is a lot going on here, so take your time looking around and enjoy the show.
Traditional Kitchen from Houzz
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