Small Kitchen Design

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Small kitchen designs that most people have are small to medium compared to many of the living large kitchens paraded on TV and heralded on the internet.  A small kitchen design feels homey and can be just as functional as any big-boy sized kitchen.  People are busy and less space to clean is better.  Less is more. More time to spend with the family and more leisure time instead of time spent cleaning a large kitchen clean.

Small kitchens owners embrace their space and make the most of it by not keeping extra kitchen tools, dishes, or countertop appliances.  I seem to use the same pots and pans, spatulas, and bowls on a regular basis.  An easy no fuss extra storage solution is to box up kitchen pots, pans, bowls, etc. that aren’t necessary everyday and keep them in the garage or basement until needed.  A small kitchen design can be as beautiful as any spacious kitchen.  It can have a special theme like a retro kitchen, and any or all of this at more affordable prices.

Small Kitchen DesignFound on Houzz and listed as Canadian Kitchen, the wide planked Barnboard flooring makes this tiny cottage kitchen space look big.  The large apron sink is from Ikea and the white cabinets are also from Ikea; creating a vintage or cottage chic look.  

small eclectic look kitchen
Everywhere I look I see these shiny white tiles perfect for a small kitchen design to look more spacious.
small kitchen with island
Small kitchen design helper island jets out from the wall perfect for meal preparation and extra counter space.
red and white country kitchen
Small kitchen with a big country look.  The containers on the kitchen countertop were purchased at Tumbleweed and Dandelion company.
small kitchen
Kitchen by London Closet & Home Storage Designers Exploit Space who plan small kitchens for maximum storage solution.  This tiny kitchen “left the main kitchen area free for entertaining and casual dining.”  I like the round sink, handy washer, and natural light they designed for this small kitchen.
small white kitchen
Stewart St. Kitchen by theottomanempire
A small 50’s retro designed kitchen sporting red.  Per Houzz, the clock was a special find at The Real Atlantic Superstore in Eastern Canada.  Want the look?  Retroplanet carries everything retro including dinette sets very similar to the set in this kitchen.
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