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Red Cape Cod in Falmouth MA

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A lovely 1920s red cape cod in Falmouth MA is a Bed and Breakfast, but it can just be all yours to call home with no guests too. Yes, I’d just want it all to myself.

The main features are:

“The main house has four bedrooms and three full baths including first floor master with en suite bath. The attached carriage house has a private entrance or direct access to the main house. It has four bedrooms with ensuite baths and offers great guest space or extra income.”

I like the idea of extra income property, that would be great for retirement. The guest house space could also be for in-laws or college grads looking for independence. Better yet, your child and spouse with their children could live there.

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 7 full baths
  • 1.2 acres of lawns, mature trees, and gardens
  • Currently licensed as a b&b
  • Close to the ocean and beaches


Red Cape Cod in Falmouth MA for saleRed Cape Cod Main house and attached carriage house

Lovely setting for this red cape cod home for sale in Falmouth Ma that can even be a Bed and Breakfast

Cape Cod home patio

Breakfast on the patio is served.

1920s Bed and Breakfast is a red Cape Cod for sale with lovely lawn, trees and gardens

1920s Bed and Breakfast is a red Cape Cod for sale

Inside a red Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast for sale in MA


Country Kitchen Falmouth MA Cape Cod for sale


Bedroom - Cape Cod in Falmouth MA

One of the 8 bedrooms inside this Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast for sale

One of the 8 bedrooms inside this Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast for sale 2

If your dream is to run a Bed and Breakfast or have this red Cape Cod as your own home see Cape Cod Village Realty for more details.

Sue on Housekaboodle


See this super adorable Bungalow Bed and Breakfast in Atlanta Georgia too.

Bungalow Bed & Breakfast

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  1. How charming and I love visiting Falmouth in the summers…so beautiful! Wishing you all the best in the new year, Sue!

  2. Oh this is a dream home. In another life I could be in inn keeper hee hee. Love the view inside thanks Sue

  3. I know that all the work would make me stop and consider that part of it too, for sure. I want to own this one and stuff my kid in there to live, use as a guest house, or have renters.

  4. My Grandma had extra income property that I always admired her for having so I appreciate the possibilities here. There is something so appealing about a B&B – they get me everytime.

  5. I did notice how they have the soft red walls in a lot of the rooms; very different and warm and cozy New England kind of home.

  6. Thank you Heather, I strive to find charming homes and this kind of old New England type always calls to me. Glad you like it since you’re from the area too.

  7. Gorgeous! Being a Massachusetts girl I have been to Falmouth many a times! this house is stunning. I love the red too! New England homes, especially the older ones, have such a nice charm to them

  8. It is gorgeous! I am a sucker for red sided houses, plus I love the red interior walls!

  9. I love everything about this B&B. This is like the B&B we stayed at in Maine. So quaint, so relaxing, and lovely. The decor is perfect! Having that extra income is a win-win for sure! Great find Sue. Love it!

  10. I’ve often toyed with the idea of owning a B&B, but I think they are a lot of work. I have a friend that owns one here in town, they have a hard time getting away for some much needed time off. This one, however, would be ideal, with two separate units. Maybe I’ll reconsider – haha.

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