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  1. Hi Gail, you and me both! If only……… If you have a house for sale you’d like featured here let me know.

  2. My bid is $50,000. I would love to be able to afford to go to an auction and pick up a couple of houses and fix and flip them.

  3. @housekaboodle Awww, gee thanks! Your are making me blush, LOL!

  4. HouseKaboodle says:

    @ADWWINC you are my new BFF for such a nice comment.

  5. HouseKaboodle says:

    @ADWWINC giggle, thanks!

  6. @housekaboodle I think it’s a great idea and u r right it would be great if the lowly masses had a shot…loved your make-believe auctions!

  7.  @Doll in the LookingGlass I would bid on one that would be out of my reach otherwise, just to do it.

  8. Unfortunate for most on the seller side and possibilities on the buyer side.

  9. simplybydesign2 says:

    What a steel if you bid on the right house, and it did not turn out to be a money pit! I can see how auctions must be great for guys who flip houses for a living. 

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