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  1. Frank Lloyd Wright homes are out of the price range for lots of people especially these days. So cool that your grandfather was named Frank Lloyd Wrigt – love that.

  2. Those Frank Lloyd Wright homes are so Beautiful, Just a little out of my price range.
    You know my grandfather was named :
    Frank Lloyd Wright and lived in Downer Grove, IL. on Elinor Ave. years ago.
    No relation though.

  3. Pisces904 says:

    I remember in High school I went on a field trip to chicago seeing some of his homes.  I always rememered the odd dining table and chairs he had in his homes. The elongated dining chairs, The odd passage ways, some rooms didnt even make sense to me! I do not know for sure, but i might of seen the inside of William E. Martin House. I think his homes might be known for the odd dinning room with the elongated dining room chairs, But i am not sure! I am not sure! 

  4. They are all so different. I am picking the Randall Fawcett House because of the pool!

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