Smallest Studio Apartment in New York Is $1,275 A Month

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Smallest studio apartment in New York for $1,275 a month is only 100 square feet!  Clean up must be a breeze.

Smaller than small and not fit for Big and Tall at all.  This tiny space living in South Harlem is hyped as being “perfect for students or young professionals to enjoy the vivacity of the area.”  So go outside…..a lot!

The usable space measured is just 8 feet wide.  By comparison, the apartment building’s largest apartment is 250 square feet for $1,350.  Reportedly there is a call for small space living for young professionals in NYC and these apartments fit the bill.

A reporter lies down to get a human space scale ratio reading.  This is basically the whole place plus a bathroom…somewhere.  This smallest studio apartment or flat or unit is at 14 Convent Ave.  

It brings new meaning to small space living or tiny house living.  I did NOT think that was possible, but I was not thinking small enough about shelters.  It’s basically a galley kitchen and bathroom.  I am not sure it is possible but, add an extra small pullout sofa or teensy-sized twin bed and lamp and you’re set to go at $1,275-Ouch!

Human scale to room size ratio

via NewYorkDailyNews.com

In the early 90s, my brother transferred to New York City to work for Sony Music company.  Here’s an excerpt he wrote after his arrival: 

“Well, I am finally settled in here in New York.  I have a small, very small studio on West 63rd Street in Manhattan.  My apartment is clean, safe and located near the Subway, which is all pluses.  It is expensive though, I pay $825 a month, down from $925 which they were offering, and that is considered a bargain.

It is 6 paces by three paces, whatever that is in feet.  It seems senseless to measure, no matter how I look at it, it is small.  There are advantages though.  For instance, you cannot possibly lose something.  Everything is within reach.  I do not use a garbage can-I just walk outside my door to the trash chute.  My refrigerator is also where I keep my dishes, utensils and hard goods, like foil an saran wrap.  Open one door, get what you need and eat.  I can sweep the floor with a whisk broom.  And, I can watch TV (and change the channel I might add) from the bathroom.”  (He states this last part is just a rationalization for stupidity which he was finding himself doing a lot of since he got to New York).

smallest NYC studio apartment

via NewYorkDailyNews

Winner, winner chicken dinner.  My brother’s descriptive narrative wins.  He likely lived in an even smaller apartment than this one.  I love it!

New York Curbed smallest studio apartment kitchen

via NewYorkCurbed.com

New refrigerator looks large enough to store dishes, utensils, saran wrap and food maybe because the kitchen cabinets can by your dresser.

Bathroom in smallest NYC apartment

via NewYorkCurbed.com

14 Convent Ave

via NewYorkCurbed.com

The smallest studio apartment in New York City is at 14 Convent Avenue and is a must-see to believe.  Would you live here if you were a young student or young working professional?

Source for photos and quotes (linked above):

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Small cottage, a tiny red caboose, tiny house plans are on my tiny house list.

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