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  1. It is a wonderful dream home and the sun porch is my favorite too.

  2. The sun porch size I love it. Definitely great character in this home. Would certainly fit soooooooooo much furniture what a dream hee hee.

  3. You’re from this area of the east so I am glad you liked this Colonial Heather. I think the TV in the island might be to watch it while eating at the dining room table.

  4. Gorgeous! I love New England homes! My favorites are the sun porch, the bathroom and of course the kitchen. I don’t understand the TV in the island, but maybe they have sleep overs and build forts on the floor (using my imagination here). Wonderful home, thank you for sharing Sue!

  5. Ben Wilcoxson says:

    Wow! If ever a house screamed “HOME!”, this one does.

  6. The whole house has a lot of room to spare. Our little dog would love a sun porch like this house has.

  7. You know I love it too for the fact that it has a sandy beach and water access, don’t you.

  8. I love the architectural style of the house and the fact that I could pop into my kayak and be off would be wonderful.

  9. Well, she’s a beauty for sure. I love the hardwood floors and the sunroom is glorious. And the kitchen…ohlala that stove!

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