Howie Mandel’s Cape Cod Beauty Is For Sale

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Beloved comedian Howie Mandel is selling his Cape Cod in Malibu, California.  I really like Howie Mandel so when I noticed his house was for sale I had to take a look and am not disappointed.

The house is located on Dume Drive in Malibu with Santa Monica Bay ocean views.  How can you sell this house Howie?  You must be headed to greater pastures.  It is perhaps to be closer to your work on America’s Got Talent.  Howie Mandel has listed his home for $7,250,000.  His home has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 5,936 square feet and is on a one+ acre lot.  The pool house has one of the bedrooms and 1.5 of the bathrooms.  It is reportedly one of the finer homes in its area.  It has soaring ceilings, open living room area, cozy family room, a pool and more so keep reading to see it all.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For Sale

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleI always appreciate an entrance closeup to a home I am stalking for my blog.  A couple of rocking chairs to welcome your guests is a nice touch.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For Sale  I remember seeing Howie Mandel and his wife Terry on The Dog Whisperer with  Cesar Millan for help with their Chihuahua Lola and Howie’s OCD.  He did not like the dog being next to him and would rather love the dog from a distance, but the dog, Lola, likes to sit next to Terry, and won’t let Howie near her.  Maybe Howie does not want to be near the dog.  At any rate, Cesar was there to save the day as Cesar always does.

Howie Mandel rocks America’s Got Talent and he was great fun on Deal or No Deal, and is now also doing Mobbed.  I admire how open he is now about his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder for germs.  He seamlessly integrates it into his hosting gigs so well that I believe we all love him more for it, or at the least we laugh more because of it.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleThe formal room above with soaring ceilings and circular openings.  There were no pictures of any of the bathrooms, so that always disappoints.  Also not shown are an office, theater, gym, and laundry room.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleI am loving the layout of this Cape Cod.  Lower ceiling above the dining room makes it cozy, but so open to family room and upper level.  The views and light in this home are a focal point.  Nice built-in shelves flanking the fireplace.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleIt looks like a more relaxed family room is off the kitchen here to the right and the left opening is to the dining room and formal living room as seen above.  Long rectangle drawer cabinets and island cabinets.  Lots of white, and I am not a super lover of white, but here is fits perfectly.  White marble counter tops and large apron sink as seen below.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleNoticing how the shade matches the painted wall and softens the feel of the kitchen.  What colors would you add to this kitchen if it was yours?  I would add soft red-orange, yellow, and green or go coastal and do blue and white, like the fireplace below and the blue and white striped sofa in the formal living room above.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleCozy family room off the kitchen with a flat screen TV hanging above the fireplace.  There are fabric curtains hanging inside of the white cabinets in this family room that match the color of the ceiling, which is not all white, like the rest of the house.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleThe three windows here are probably the view out the front of the house, and the picture below is most likely a view out to the back of the house, but there are 3 windows like this in the front and in the back, so I am guessing.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleDouble doors show entrance to blue bedroom below.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleIf you look at the back of the house below you see the upper terrace that this bedroom must open out to.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleLove the pool and how close it is to the house.  It’s all comfy, cozy and I would not change a thing!

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleA mini-me pool guest house of course.  Imagine a mini-me Howie Mandel.  It has one bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms for your guests.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleNice patio with fireside chat and great side view of the mini-me pool house/guest house.  There is also a built-in spa at the pool side.

Howie Mandel's Cape Cod Beauty Is For SaleGood-bye wonderful Santa Monica Bay ocean views for Howie Mandel and family.  They have headed to the east coast .

Credits Howie Mandel house

UPDATE: December 2013 Howie Mandel’s Cape Cod has now been sold for $7 Million.

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