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Clock Tower Penthouse in New York is $18 Million

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Clock Tower Penthouse in New York’s Dumbo district is a must-see luxurious architectural wonder.  If for no other reason, I think you will love this clock tower penthouse for its..well..view from the clock.  You read that right.  The penthouse has four clock-shaped 14 foot glass clocks giving a 360-degree view like no other!

This is the top of the famous Brooklyn Clock Tower building.  The master bedroom offers views of lower Manhattan.  From the master bath you can see the Manhattan Bridge and Statue of Liberty.

I’ve never been to Brooklyn, but I visited the Statue of Liberty.  The clock tower penthouse reminds me of my grandma.  While staying with her in the summer she took me to lunch at the Clock Tower Resort near her hometown.  She would talk endlessly about the “clock tower” which magnified my anticipation to see it and to have lunch there.  Maybe that is why I like clocks so much and why I am drawn to this Clock Tower Penthouse like a magnet.

Clock Tower Penthouse in New York is $18 MillionWhat time is it?  It’s time to tour the clock tour apartment.  The listing says it is in the DUMBO district.  Dumbo is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is an area in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.  Actress Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman have an apartment in the clock tower building for sale.  The clock tower penthouse address is 1 Main St Apartment 16 Brooklyn, NY.

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn NY

A whole different atmosphere in the living room sitting under the clock.  It’s almost daunting like Big Ben is inside your house. 

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn, NYLimitless possibilities for furniture placement.

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn NY dining rmPerfect staging of table and chairs that look like children of the clock.

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn, NY Get a look at the views out these windows.  Night views must be mesmerizing.

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn NY kitchenI am not a fan of modern, but I do like this kitchen.  Loving all the counter top space and white open shelving.  Cabinets are white lacquer.

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn NY bathroom

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn, NY Master bathI like entering into a world I’ll never have the chance to experience.

Sky roof cabana clock tower penthouseThe clock tower penthouse comes with the sky roof cabana.  Incredible entertaining possibilities inside and out.

1 Main St Apt 16 Brooklyn NYLove the three steps up.  The floors are solid rift quartered sawn 5-inch white oak planking.  Three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.  There is also a recreational room and a private elevator.  Wouldn’t this place make a nice backdrop for a movie?

All photos via Zillow.  Check out Corcoran for listing details.

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  1. i love love love this penthouse i think i had seen it in an episode of selling ny now to work on getting 18m together lol

  2. I didn’t even think about the privacy. I think this is not set up for prime time living yet and one could put up some shades except for on…the Clock windows.

  3. It is truly amazing, but my god, privacy???? Not in this place!!! You would feel like being on display all the time! But I guess some people love that kind of thing!

  4. I just like how they came up with the acronym of DUMBO. I love all the acronyms they use in New York. The only time I was in Brooklyn was when we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    The apartment is not in my style, but that clock and those views are spectacular. If someone gave it to me, I wouldn’t turn it down.

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