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Toronto Home is a 1960s Decorating Time Capsule

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1960s Decorating Time Capsule Blast From the Past

Everybody is flabbergasted about this 1960s decorating inside a Toronto Home that was for sale. Now sold, the interior decor is a time capsule, blast from the past and is unforgettable.

This is Mad Men interior design on steroids. What boggles my mind is how the owner who has not changed her interior in 72 years has kept everything from the wallpaper to the sofa so well-preserved.  I read that her family helped her keep up everything. Here’s a martini to her and her family for their dedication.

Toronto Home is a 1960s Decorating Time Capsule

Hey, can we go back to this? The wallpaper and glam mirror in the entrance makes me feel like I am gift-wrapped.

1960s Living Room decor
Who knew 1960s decorating was so dreamy! I can hear Doris Day singing.

1960s Living Room decor - Toronto home is now sold

I am actually searching for drapes in this color tone family.

1960s Dining Room set and decor

More incredibly preserved wallpaper and I am loving the pink and blue theme.

1960s kitchen

Wonderful blast from the past kitchen and appliances. This had me at,,,pink phone.

1960s style Breakfast Nook

The sweetest breakfast nook, table, and chairs. Wallpaper is making a big comeback. The roses look like they are big raining droplets of flowers.

Purple bedroom decor

Gosh, I remember metal wall decor like above the bed. I like the plush turquoise chair and plush pink sit upon in the owner’s master bedroom. Purple is the color of royalty.

Bedroom in 1950s - 1960s pink decor

Another lovely pink decorated bedroom.

1960s Rec room

Fun rec room. I call the home rare and wonderful. It makes me happy just to look.

Toronto Ontario Home Frozen in time has 1960s decor inside

To think all this glam was hidden behind this unpretentious home!

Pink is very popular and Amazon has a lot of pink furniture like this comfy pink chair.

Scene from TV set on Enlightened with mid century furniture

Like the mid-century 1960s decorating look? Check out the Television set and show- Enlightened.

Have a groovy day~

Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. Surprise find inside, that is for sure. Oh show this house to your Mom sometime and let me know what she says. Thanks Anj

  2. Such a surprise find inside. This person really really liked pink. My momma would so love it as well.

  3. I wish that it would stay like it is too. A friend I grew up with kind of had a little breakfast nook like this, but not in fluffy pink.

  4. Thank you Jeanne for the nice compliment that made my day. I did not notice he little piano on the coffee table and so cool you had one like it. You’re so right about how most of us did not grow up with “not quite that pink or glamorous” decor. I used to dream about those pink princess phones a lot.

  5. Wow!

    It is amazing that it is all intact.

    I think the house around the corner from me must look just like that inside!

  6. Much brighter than today’s gray, black and white. I wonder if it will all come back again:) I grew up in a 60s house but it was not quite that pink or glamorous. I do recognize some of the decor items – the little piano on the coffee table is a music box I think. We had one just like it. Also the bedroom lamps, gold mirrors and chandelier. However, it was a little closer to 52 years ago than 72 years ago:)

    I very much enjoy you website!

  7. Oh that pink I love it. And the pink phone love that too! I wouldn’t even remodel this one..it’s just so perfect the way it is. A blast from the past!

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