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  1. This one is now sold, but when you or I win we should buy a little island and put a house like this on it for sure.

  2. Wow stunning love this style of home. Had i hit the power ball definitely a home worth looking into thanks for the look see.

  3. The porch is so charming, I know. I like the color they painted the home and the lagoon reminds me of Gilligan’s Island. Wonder what this year’s House of the Year will be?

  4. Wow! That porch is seriously to die for. Queen Ann has always been my favorite Victorian style but this house takes it to a whole new level. I definitely would have voted it the house of the year to.

  5. Hey Dana, I am crazy in love with this house. It may be because I love the porch, house style, and lagoon so much and it may be that I never forgot seeing the photo of the floating house.

  6. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    I can’t believe this incredible home was moved on a barge! I love it, especially the views and that gorgeous wrap-around porch. Sometimes, I look at our photos and I’m transformed to another world — that’s the idea, right? In my next lifetime, I’ll have this home. haha. xo

  7. Hi Jenny – the new owners use the home as a retret for missionaries, etc. I want to stay in the little guest house and sit by the lagoon.

  8. Oh my, it’s dreamy. Do they allow overnight visitors. I love it. It’s especially amazing that it was restored.

  9. This is exactly the type of house I would buy. It’s stunning! I adore the location they choose for it too. What a dream and what an amazing story of how it was moved. What a great gem and find Sue! I’m floored…no pun intended lol

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