Tiny Cabin Just Steps From Lake Michigan

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A Tiny Cabin Along Lake Michigan

This is a cute tiny cabin secluded on 2.87 acres of wooded land that is just steps from Lake Michigan.

On a private drive in North Grey Dunes, Michigan north of Montague and 70 miles from Grand Rapids.

The owners are selling their beloved tiny house since they don’t get there as often as before and due to relocation to Chicago.

New buyers will get the cabin and all its contents along with the land that can be used to put another home up or subdivided. Actually, the cabin is 1500 feet from Lake Michigan with access to two 500 foot frontage common beach lots.

She’s got solid cedar interior, 17-foot cathedral ceilings, and french doors.

Adorable tiny cabin all wrapped up on a huge lot with beaches sound like a nice place to buy for weekend getaways or family vacations.

Tiny Cabin Just Steps From Lake Michigan This little place has its own site at Thirty Five Peppers Trail * of same name as location 35 Pepper’s Trail Montague, Michigan. *Thirty Five Peppers Trail site is no longer available.

35 Pepper's Trail Montague, MichiganThere aren’t many inside photos which is disappointing.

35 Pepper's Trail Montague, Michigan - zillowOwner Peter Oppewall shared on Small House Society the cabin is 500 steps to Lake Michigan.  He and his wife hand-built the cabin with cedar wood for the interior and exterior.

35 Pepper's Trail Montague, Michigan - For Sale zillowNice Michigan getaway to call your own on an extra-large wooded lot for $129,900.

Tiny Cabin story details on Small House Society or Zillow.

Head over to Tiny Houses for more small house talk.

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  1. So happy to hear from you Peter. Thanks for the special details you shared. In the past my family has enjoyed cabin life on a lake in the Upper Peninsula so I know bugs really are not even a factor. Your property is beautiful and the house is so well built it’s a dream come true especially with all the time to spend at the beach!

  2. As the owner of this property for the past 15 years I can tell you the bugs aren’t bad, very seasonal, and if there’s any breeze=no bugs. They do come out at dusk, and on walks it’s best to wear a hat, otherwise not a problem. Besides, the cabin is fully screened, and we spend most of our time at the beach when it’s hot out anyway. When it’s cool, you wear a long sleeve shirt or light jacket and the bugs won’t get you. PS: there’s plenty of room to add a garage, and we have a turnaround spot that would be a good spot for one.

  3. Big hug on the bugs thing for you Heather. Living in the woods is really not at all buggy in general most especially not bad in the northern states like Michigan where this Cabin is located.

  4. This would be a perfect vacation spot! I would just have to bring a REALLY large net to keep the bugs away from me (huge fear! LOL) So I just live vicariously through your pictures! Thanks for sharing Sue. love it!

  5. I can totally see us vacationing there. Peace, calm, and nature! That house is adorable! And a great price too!

  6. I am in love with the small house movement. It has caused me to reflect on how much stuff we collect and store in our garage, which should be housing our cars for winter really soon.AGH! Anyways, I love how this house seems nestled amongst the trees. Very charming.

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