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  1. kit sheds Gympie says:

    Steel garage lasts a long time. Some are cheap and really affordable but still has the quality that is really good.

  2. barns Eudlo says:

    There are also livable sheds big enough for sleeping.

  3. I’ve had classes inside portable buildings in my childhood, but I never thought that people would live inside of them! The second picture you showed looks like a completely livable house! While miniature houses made from sheds isn’t for everyone, it’s a great solution for those who don’t need much space and don’t have much money. Sheds aren’t just for storing things anymore! Thanks for the cool article.

  4. Sheds really is very flexible too. You can covert them to storage or livable space. Really nice.

  5. Thanks so much, using solar power is an excellent solution for this situation.

  6. Hi Gale, the only to have power without digging or extension cords is to have a generator that could be pricey and is often noisy. Hope that helps.

  7. Want to get a shed in a few months and convert it to a liveable shed but situation is the electricity more than the water and plumbing. Is there a way to have your electricity in the shed without digging a trench or having a extension cord plugged from your shed to some other building? By the time they charge for the use of their electricity, the shed living may be very expensive; an expense you wouldn’t be able to pay.

  8. Pisces904 says:

    Good idea…. OH i like this idea

  9.  @toufga Why thank you so much for such a nice comment Hind.  I appreciate that a lot.

  10. This is gorgeous, I love reading your blog and this pretty styles and home designs..keep up

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