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Rare Victorian Home For Sale Mt Pleasant SC

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This rare Victorian home for sale Mt Pleasant SC is a treat to see.  It’s not just another historic Victorian home either.  This one has deep double porches and triple hung windows from floor to ceiling.

I’ll show you some of her secrets like the original potbelly stove in the kitchen that has beadboard cabinets.  There are six fireplaces including double fireplaces in the front parlor and living room/family room.

I am not sure how they keep a big old southern house in South Carolina like this cool in the summertime.

If you appreciate historic details, this is a must-see.  If you don’t, you may like looking back at the architectural details to see where some of the modern glam began.

This Victorian home for sale Mt Pleasant SC has been around since 1860.  If only her walls could talk, we would have one heck of a home story I bet.

Rare Victorian Home For Sale Mt Pleasant SC

She’s a big ol’ Southern Living beauty. After you climb the wide steps your knocking on a gleaming red door proudly displaying the home’s address.

Entrance 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC for sale

Here’s a look at the front porch and floor to ceiling windows.  The details say these windows are used as doorways to the porches.  I am in love at this point and don’t have to go any further, but I promised to show you a few of her secrets, so let’s go.

Vestibule 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

We have a lofty vestibule to keep your guest waiting for your arrival.

Living area 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

Showing you the living area so you can understand how the double fireplaces are placed in the house.

Double fireplaces 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

The double fireplaces are in the parlor, living room/family rooms.  I have not seen anything like this before.

Dining rm 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

And like I said, there are six fireplaces to fire up for fancy Southern Living like this one in the dining room.  Straight ahead is the kitchen.  Did you notice the transom windows?

Transom window 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

Here’s a close up of what historic houses offer like these transom windows that can open and close.

Kitchen with bead board cabinets 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

Colored kitchen cabinets that are bead board with more giant windows.

Pot belly stove 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC

I am staring at the details of the old door and original pot belly stove.  All the floors in this southern home are original.

Bedroom 754 Pitt St Mt Pleasant SC
Porch Mt Pleasant SC house for sale

Two staircases lead to the 2nd floor.  Floor 2 has two bedrooms, an office, a bathroom, dressing room and…

porch Mt Pleasant SC home

the double wide porches that can host their own party.

The third floor has two bedrooms and bath as well, along with a loft area.

Back view of Mt Pleasant SC home for sale
Aerial view Mt Pleasant SC house for sale

If you live in the area and want this Victorian home for sale Mt Pleasant SC for your own, she is:

754 Pitt St, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 4,206 sq feet


visit Zillow or Carolina One Real Estate for more details.

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  1. Hey Sue Pekarek !!!

    It was good post.Great tips! Hopefully we’ll be able to sell our home soon – just waiting for the market to be right.These are all great tips for those ready to sale or planning on selling their houseI remember when I was looking at houses before I bought the one I’m in now and so many houses were dirty!

    keep posting
    Have a great year

  2. Getting a home can be a fun process. I like that when shopping for homes you are able to look a different places that can potentially be your new place. That is smart to make a list of things that you would like to have in a home before you go and look.

  3. Thanks ARod, I am ecstatic for the porch and windows on this gem of a Victorian. Can’t wait to see your colored kitchen cabinets too.

  4. omg you know you had me at the porches but those windowssssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhh im in lust. And the kitchen perfect mix of new & old. Lufff it

  5. I can’t afford this price range either, but her porch and funky pot belly stove were too much to resist. There are some big houses like this around here, not sure if the windows are walk-outs though.

  6. Those tall floor to ceiling windows with shutters are one of my favorite things about Southern homes. Not fair that they get these features and we don’t here in the North. Have a great week Sarah.

  7. Gorgeous original features! I LOVE those “windows” you can walk right out of!

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