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  1. You’re hysterical “dahling.” Soo, so, interesting about your best friend being Sean Penn’s cousin!! He is a very talented actor. I went to high school with a person who is now a famous actor and sometimes find it odd to watch him act as it seems like I am just watching him walking down the corridors of the school so I kind of get it. I am so proud of him though and his well-deserved success, as he has worked very hard over the years; Jim Belushi.

  2. There’s a lot I like about this feels very serene and not over the top, which I find refreshing.

    One of my best, and certainly my longest term friend from early high school, is Sean Penn’s cousin. He used to live in NY back in the 70’s-80’s and on more than one occasion we hung out in the city. It’s funny, I think he’s one of the best actors of our time, but my friend disagrees. Maybe because she’s too close to the situation, although they are not at all close anymore.

    Anyway, I got to run because at only 6.5 mil, I simply MUST contact dahling!

  3. I am always amazed to see not so glamorous homes that celebrities live in…not the norm for sure so you have a very good point.

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t think there’s enough bang for the buck in this house? It has nice features, but it doesn’t make my mouth drop open. Although, I’m not really in a place to judge six million dollar homes, haha.

  5. Thanks Cyndi for naming the so Southern California – Saltillo tile.

  6. That entrance is so stunning – the Saltillo tile is so ‘Southern California.’ I could be very comfortable in the guest house!

  7. I like the yard of this home. The reading area is nice, and I like the fact that it opens up to the trampoline area for the kids.

  8. I love it when you comment on the kitchens Heather; you’re my work in a kitchen expert.

  9. Oh boy, good find Steve, I did not even see that Gun Love sign. Thanks for visiting today.

  10. Beautiful home for sure! I could get lost on that patio entertaining area for hours! And the kitchen of course would be a dream

  11. I am always impressed with your knowledge about the area Carol and how you have had personal experiences. Thank you very much for sharing and I truly mean this.

  12. This reminds me of many of the ranch houses my parent’s friends lived in.

    Point Dume is a beautiful area. We have friends who lived there and they loaned us their gate key to the trail to the beach several times. The beach is lovely and what I love about the area is the mix of houses. There are plenty of “over the top” homes, but just as many old beach houses.

  13. Steve Crowley says:

    What a maroon. He even has to inject a lefty political statement into the real estate photos for his home. Check out the “GUN LOVE” sign next to the fireplace.

  14. The house is stunning…him..not so much lol. I heard to many negative stories about him too. He does have good taste in houses though!

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