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  1. This Queen Anne in Iowa is such a vintage beauty Sue! Thanks for posting this here. How I wish I can visit this property to witness the beauty of it personally. How lucky the future owners will be!

  2. We think alike and want to have our kids or relatives live in the guest houses.

  3. Wow what a grand ol’ beauty! I love the hard wood floors and built ins! I love the double porches… and I love the carriage house I would so give that to my son while he is in college!

  4. I did not think about having it moved to my property, I am positive that could be arranged, except it’s on the National and State Historic Places list, LOL.

  5. Very lovely home Sue. I always love the built-ins and the bathrooms are so nice too. Great price as well. I’d like to pick that house up and move it here!

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