Villisca Ax Murder House is Haunted by Evil

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Villisca Ax Murder House in Iowa is haunted by evil.  It may be one of the few authentic haunted houses.  Listen, I am not a serious believer in ghosts haunting houses, but after reading about the history of the Villisca Ax Murder house and seeing paranormal investigator videos, I have been turned.  I got chills up my spine and fear in my heart.

So then, if it is truly an evil entity that inhabits the house, I think “the house” should be destroyed, yes knock it down!

Wouldn’t that be the best way to rid Villisca, Iowa of its evil dweller and horrible murder memories the towns people endure?  The Ax Murder House has been renovated and put on the National Registry of Historic Buildings, because you see, the gruesome Ax Murders took place on June 12, 1912 some 100+ years ago.

Villisca Ax Murder House is Haunted by Evil

The Crime: 6 Children and 2 Adults were Bludgeoned To Death with an Axe! Sometime just after midnight someone entered the J.B. Moore house and brutally murdered all occupants of the house with an axe. 

Who were the Victims?

After a neighbor, Mrs. Peckham, noticed no one stirring at the house, she knocked at the door and got no answer and the door was locked.  She then called a brother of the residents and the following took place:

“Upon arriving at the home of his brother, Ross Moore attempted to look in a bedroom window and then knocked on the door and shouted, attempting to raise someone inside the house.  When that failed, he produced his keys and found one that opened the door.  Although Mrs. Peckham followed him onto the porch, she did not enter the parlor.  Ross went no farther than the room off the parlor.

original Ax Murder houseWhen he opened the bedroom door, he saw two bodies on the bed and dark stains on the bedclothes.  He returned immediately to the porch and told Mrs. Peckham to call the sheriff.  The two bodies in the room downstairs were Lena Stillinger, age 12 and her sister Ina, age 8, house guests of the Moore children. The remaining members of the Moore Family were found in the upstairs bedrooms by City Marshall Hank Horton who arrived shortly.

Every person in the house had been brutally murdered, their skulls crushed as they slept.  Josiah Moore, age 43, Sarah Montgomery Moore, age 39, Herman Moore, age 11, Katherine Moore, age 9, Boyd Moore, 7 and Paul Moore, 5 -as well as the Stillinger Sisters.”

Note: The Stillinger Sisters were on a sleep over as guests of the Moore children.

There was a lot of commotion with hundreds of people traipsing through the house before the authorities arrived, so it was a botched crime scene.  Bear in mind this was early 1900s and fingerprinting was a new technology.

The Villisca Ax Murders were investigated and remains unsolved.  There were many suspects in addition to some men confessing to have committed the murders.

The town people had strong suspicions of who committed the murders and became divided about it including to up to this day.

The Villisca Ax Murder house is open for tours during the day and overnight stays by reservation.  For those that stay overnight or even go to daytime tours, many have left out of fear from hearing voices and other happenings, so it is not for the faint of heart.

Dear readers, this is my Halloween post.  It was my intention to shiver your spine. I know that many of you follow Ghost Stories and other paranormal shows like a magnet so for you, I remind you of this grisly true story.

Do you believe in hauntings?  Is the Ax Murder House haunted?

Do you believe like me (after watching the video) that the house should be destroyed?

If you want to know more details, I invite you to read the entire story on the villiscaiowa site.

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