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Famous Meredith Kercher Perugia Murder House for sale

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The famous Meredith Kercher murder house in Perugia, Italy is on the market for $500,000.  Brutally murdered student Meredith Kercher lived in this 10 room cottage.  She was found semi-naked with her throat slit in her bedroom inside this house in November of 2007..and then.  The whole world heard about it because her U.S Seattle roommate Amanda Knox was accused and this little cottage was seen across the land.

Tecnocasa real estate details for the famous Perugia murder house reads:

“Adjacent to the University for Foreigners: Characteristic complex consisting of two independent units with the possibility of recovery airspace and realization of a third unit, 5,000 square meters of land with outbuildings and a court appurtenant exclusive able to accommodate seven cars. In very good condition.”

Adjacent to the University is a great location for students.  That’s why the victim, her accused Amanda Knox, and two Italian women lived here sharing an upper apartment.

Perugia Murder House for saleThe lower apartment was rented by four other Italian students that included a young man who was said to be romantically linked to Kercher.  The cottage is a special dwelling that used to be an old farm building.  As you can see it is a little cottage tucked into the landscape next to a busy highway. 

Poor sweet little cottage is full of bad luck now.  It is the site of a horrible world-wide known murder scene.  I read the house was remodeled.  The bedroom where the murder took place does not exist anymore.

Perugia Murder HouseOnly those able to show the ability to buy are given a tour of the house that attracts so many curiosity seekers.

The Perugia Murder house owner, Adalia Tattanelli Marrone, is claiming lost rent of around $51,000 due to the house being sequestered for 2 years as a crime scene and seeks restitution from the accused, Rudy Guede, or anyone else who is convicted of the murder.  There has been rumblings in the news lately that prosecutors are after Seattle native Amanda Knox again in an it seems never ending quest.

I didn’t follow the story close enough to have a set opinion.  By osmosis, it seemed to me to be a witch hunt after an innocent Amanda Knox.  I am glad she is back on U.S. soil and trying to live as normal a life as possible.

As for this cute cottage, its reputation makes it a creepy place to live.  I am on the fence if it should be torn down.  For Kercher’s family should it stay there as a reminder of what a horrible thing happen to their daughter or is it better to knock it down?  Time will tell what happens to this world-famous Meredith Kercher Perugia murder house.

What do you think?  Did you follow this trial or was it in your peripheral vision like me?

The Villisca Murder House in Iowa from 1912 is still standing seen here.

The Daily Beast

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