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  1. So happy you found me and this little jewel of a bad karma house.

  2. WOW What a cute house – I always feel “sorry” for homes like this. It’s not their fault! 😉 This is an adorable little jewel.

  3. That is so interesting that you got a “feeling” in the house Doreen. Thank you for such a great comment today and I so admired your plaid DIY furniture.

  4. When we were looking for a house many years ago, I saw one that had been the site of a murder. I’m not sure why I agreed to look at it…morbid curiosity I suppose. But I also wanted to see if I ‘felt’ anything while there and I sorta did. I don’t know if that’s because I knew of what happened there or not, but the house definitely had bad karma.

    This was a very, very interesting post Sue. I’ve been amiss with visiting your fabulous blog so I want to thank you for stopping by and helping me get my butt in gear!

  5. House Crazy Sarah says:

    This poor house will probably be bought by someone who will turn it into a B&B with a haunted/gore theme 🙁

  6. Now that Knox is back in the U.S, I think Italy will have a hard time getting her back there for a retrial. Coming over to see Sunlit Cottage since it is -11 degrees here.

  7. What a shame that a beautiful house should suffer because of such brutality. I can’t say I would want to buy a house that had been the site of a murder.

    I didn’t follow the story close enough to have any opinions one way or another about Amanda Knox. It is a shame that she is once again being targeted. I imagine she wants to just get on with her life.

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