Travel Trailer is a 1954 Prairie Schooner Camper

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Travel Trailer: A Remodeled 1954 Prairie Schooner Camper

A remodeled 1954 Prairie Schooner camper travel trailer to rent in Altadena, California. On Airbnb it’s called Retro Retreat, but the travel trailer owner calls her Nellie. Hello Nellie.

Inside is a blast from the past cozy retro-chic charm along with modern amenities. This is glamour camping or glamping vintage style. Nellie has a full kitchen. A double bed with full closet and cupboard. The bathroom is full-sized but the tub is tiny. The country-style futon folds down to make an extra sleeping area. Nellie also comes with a flat-screen HD TV/DVD with HD cable and a super fast WI-FI network.

WARNING: If you’re tall do not rent Nellie the trailer. It’s a camper and tall people may feel to confined err bump their heads perhaps?!  A fun place to get the feel for tiny house living while on vacation too.

Travel Trailer is a 1954 Prairie Schooner Camper to rent in Altadena California. Inside is blast from the past retro-chic charm with modern amenities.

Retro Retreat travel trailer to rent in Altadena CaLet’s look inside Nellie, a 1954 Prairie Schooner travel trailer

Retro Retreat is a travel trailer in Altenda CA to rent.
Nellie a 1954 Prarie Schooner Camper. Bedroom is decorated in vintage Mexican cowboy

Inside decor is retro-Mexican cowboy.


Inside a 1954 Prairie Schooner Camper to rent in Pasadena, CA

The photos are getting blurry at this point and I can’t show you more as I’d like. Click over the Airbnb Retro Retreat to see better photos and more of this 1954 Schooner travel trailer and the rental details.

Thank you Ellen for letting us feature your cute travel trailer.

Have the most wonderful day~

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