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  1. Always love hearing from you Doreen and sometimes they all start to look alike until I find a cottage like this and the yellow cottage.

  2. You find the cutest houses Sue! I have to say, as much as I love this one, I’m going to click on over to that little yellow cottage. THAT’S about as close to my dream home as I’ve ever seen.

  3. Cute cottages and brick fireplaces are both things in a house I admire too Crystal.

  4. I LOVE this house. I like how simple and well designed they made this house. The kitchen is really cute.

  5. I do remember you are one of the bloggers who has visited Carmel and knows first hand how quaint and charming Carmel is. You have really nice photos of the town Cyndi.

  6. Carmel is such a special place – I love all the wood – especially in the kitchen & bathroom.

  7. A perfect Snow White cottage – there should be a way to favorite a commment

  8. This little house certainly looks like a charming cottage in the woods. That makes me think there should be eight chairs at the dining table. One for Snow White and i think you know who the other seven chairs would be for… LOL Love the fireplaces inside and out. Lovely!

  9. I’ve seen so much about the shops and town and so agree with you Carol. Your own beach cottage is something to lookieloo at too.

  10. It is not just the charming architecture of the fairytale cottages, Carmel is in a gorgeous location on the Pacific Ocean. The shops and restaurants in the quaint little town are as cute as the houses. I must admit that I am a total ” lookieloo” whenever we are in Carmel. I peek in windows and dream.

  11. I’m dreaming of an incredible bathroom sink bowl like this house has and love all the brick work.

  12. Oh my I just adore that bathroom…and the whole house! I could see myself buying something like this one for sure. What a dream!

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