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Spadena House In Beverly Hills A Storybook Witch House

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Spadena House – A Storybook Witch House

The Spadena House in Beverly Hills, CA is also called The Witch’s House and has a whimsical storybook design, like the fairytale cottages in Carmel by the Sea Hansel and Gretel cottages.

It looks like a crooked old rundown Witch house on purpose, designed by Harry Oliver who was a Hollywood art director in the early 1900s.  The Spadena House was built in 1921 as an office and dressing room for silent film director Irvin Willat studio in Culver City; think MGM Studios.

Around 1934 it was moved to 516 Walden Dr., Beverly Hills, California and turned into a residence.  The Spadena’s were the first homeowners; hence its name.  The second owners renovated the interior in the 1960s.  The house has a moat that was leaking so they turned it into a garden.

By the time it was on the market again in 1997, it needed a lot of work.  Michael Libow, a real estate agent, bought the storybook Witch House and lovingly renovated it back to its original storybook splendor. Spadena House In Beverly Hills A Storybook Witch HouseSpadena Witch House” by Kafziel via Wikipedia You may even recognize it from the movie Clueless where it had a starring role.  This is no doubt the place to trick or treat for local residents.
Spadena Witch House in 2009

Here is The Spadena house as it appeared in 2009 while undergoing renovation.  Michael Libow has even restored the moat.  His video says this took him a decade to complete.

Tour the inside and outside of Michael Libow’s Witch house to see special details like a fairytale fireplace, a funky kitchen with high-end appliances, and lots of other fanciful, even witch-like details.


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