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  1. It would be so fun to have a backyard like this. Your home is one to be admired as well.

  2. Sign me up for this one Sue, and while you’re at it, I’ll take a million or two ;).

  3. waterfall construction says:

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  4. WOW … WOW … This is amazing! I wish I had an extra million or so to spare, I would scoop this one right up! I am in love with everything about it. Thank you for showcasing this one Sue, it really is a beauty.

  5. Green with envy here too. A simple house like this with the pool and other backyard goodies is all I would want or need too.

  6. oh my god just shoot me. I am so in love with this house Sue. You ruined my evening because now I’m green with envy lol. This is exactly the type of house that’s right up my alley. wowzers! Now, I hate my life lol thanks jk of course 🙂 I’m very blessed for all that I have 🙂

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